United we stand, divided we fall

My name is Anouar Hamidi, I am the head of a youth organization concerned with the socio-economic development of my country. Our work is manifested in the promotion of Economic solidarity and social solidarity. We are keen to provide social and medical services in rural areas. We also work on the poor to create their fragile homes. As well as in the field finance and economic and social

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Hey Anouar, this is really nice.
We had a similar experience with a project in Egypt called Kafr Ghtati 2013.

you can check this Video as a summary of what we were doing and if you think we have something in common maybe we exchange our experiences.


Welcome, call our office in Morocco +212631146738

Hello @Hamidi_Anouar, that looks interesting. Do you have some examples of projects you have made? You can write in Arabic, too, if that helps!