"Unlocking the potential of the social economy for EU growth"

I submitted a short proposal to present Edgeryders and unMonastery for the conference “Unlocking the potential of the social economy for EU growth” organised by the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy as a part of the Semester of Italian presidency of the EU Council.

The Organizational Committee has accepted my application. I will be a member of the working group on “New trends and new forms of Social Economy” moderated by Jonathan Bland that will be held on Monday 17th November from 10.45am to 12.30am and from 2.00pm to 3.45pm.

I will be given 5-6 minutes to present the ideas behind and work of both unMonastery and Edgeryders in a the discussions intened to outline the strategy and the guidelines for the development of the Social Economy in Europe for the coming years.

If I accept the invitation, the Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the organizer of the event, will reimburse part of my expenses. Despite the fact that this is in Italy, there will be a European-wide audience, so I am wondering if might be eligible for the 500 euro presentation grant.

Registration for the Conference is now open (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1o36jyoJu1iP8jNrfOYq-XiT9Sw93jHmKDUuRwjhC7ds/viewform)  if others would like to attend.


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For me it’s a go

Ping @Noemi, @Matthias and @ArthurD. @Nadia and I are aware and approve.

Maria, give it a few days and then consider it approved by default.


I might come along!

No objections from my side. Thanks for putting in the work to apply for this in the first place! :slight_smile: