unMon Report - Finances, Infrastructure and Resources


Overall Expenses - Budgeted / Committed / Spent / Accounted for

Project Expenditures - Items bought to support the project (e.g Projector, Business Cards, etc)

Individual unMonasterians - Per Diem and Travel

Food Expenditure - Itemised by month / origin / expense


  • Putting Building Into Use - Kitchen, Heating, Internet, Furniture.

The first fundamental challenge of the unMonastery project in Matera has been to establish itself operationally in the building - the first month of the project was essentially written off due to dealing with infrastructural roadblocks, a combination of no heating, no internet and so forth prevented the project starting upon arrival of the first unMonasterians.

Key dates:

4th February     -     Access to the building is granted.

4th February     -     Heating is switched on, and works in 2 rooms upstairs.

11th February     -    All Furniture Arrives

5th March     -     Heating is fixed downstairs.   

11th March     -    Kitchen Issues resolved (adequate cooking equipment and work surfaces)

Many issues relating to the building still persist but no longer prevent us from living in and using the building, so we’ve learnt to live with them. An overview of this is maintained in ‘unMonastery Building Status’. Whilst initially considered an impediment to the success of the unMonastery in Matera; to effectively lose over a month of operational activity. Bringing the building into full operational use during this time period should be considered one of the core successes of the project to date, an ongoing challenge is to ensure it doesn’t once again fall into disuse.   

  • Building Improvement and Manuals

As is the tradition of the unMonastery we have been religiously documenting the various mechanics of the building, from the core infrastructure (gas, electrics, water) through to key management and waste disposal. As a key artifact of the unMonastery’s use of the building, a full manual for the building will be compiled, with accompanying videos will be left with the building and online. So to ensure that the knowledge derived from our time here stays with those come to use the building in the future and no one ever has to have a cold shower here ever again.

  • Layout

Revised Layout Design


All resources consumed have been tracked since the 3rd of February when we first entered the building.  

  • Energy Consumption
    • Gas - 2449.96 cubic
    • Electricity - 543 kWh (Based on A2 Meter Reading)
  • Water Consumption - 89 m2
  • Food Consumption

From the start of the unMonastery has sought to source food based on its own ethical standards - which focuses on buying local, organic and seasonal produce. Everything bought is rigorously documented in our Food Analytics Dashboard.

  • Waste - Less than 7 litres of waste produced, all other disposables recycled.