unMon Report - Francesco Pellegrino

Francesco Pellegrino

(appraisal by Bembo Davies)

Francesco came to us during a busy period and suffered from the unMonastery not having a well-developed welcoming ceremony.  I spent as much time as I could with Francesco to try to ease his arrival and interpret as best I could the strange culture of the unMo.  His project was ambitious and ultimately too visionary. He wanted action, but lacked the capacity to put in the time to build committed local contacts.  He expressed great disappointment when meetings that he had arranged were cancelled at the last moment.  This included bought with municipal officials and at the comitato.

My proposal to him still stands: to mobilise people to care about the illogical waste of water, it is important to raise consciousness.  In my work I have included one ‘scenario’ for  a children’s Water Day that is designed to prepare the ground for a project such as his.