unMon Report - Marc Schneider

Marc Schneider

1st February 2014- 31st March 2014

Main Project: Mobile solar modules can produce up to 40% more power than static ones because they track to always face the sun. The key idea is to design a system as a kit so that people can easily set it up themselves.  The tracking system is conceived of as totally Open-source in both its software and hardware. The importance of Open-source is that it allows you the user to be able to improve the system, to adapt it to your needs and/or just to repair it.

Local Challenge it addresses:

  • Exploit the high sun potential of this region
  • Encourage people to reconsider their energy consumption

How the Project has changed:

No changes.


  • Local integration
  • Presentations in italian
  • Event organization (Arduino Day)


  • Start building the solar tracker
  • Organize small-sized projects involving local people
  • Improve my italian

Activities and Outputs:

Solar tracker project

  1. Presentation (in Italian) to the Matera Istituto Tecnico Industriale Open-ceremony day, University of Basilicata
  2. Initiated the project with the “Istituto Tecnico Industriale” of Matera.
  3. Designed the mechanical and the electrical parts with the Institute
  4. Currently waiting for an estimation of costs; once provided, it will be possible to provide a projected budget for the global system. Once agreed, it will be possible to start the production phase.

Hydroponics in the Sassi:

  • Work carried out with Materans to install a prototype that uses the Arduino environment (open-source electronics prototyping platform) to control a hydroponics system.
  • Next steps are set the prototype up for production use and to document it.

Arduino Day:

  • Working in collaboration with Casa Netural, we organized an event on the 29th March at the unMonastery to celebrate the 10th birthday of Arduino, in line with world-wide celebrations.
  • The aim was to establish relationships with local people (and potentially involve them in further projects) and to show the world that Matera is dynamic place.

Open Energy Monitor

  • Research into a system that allows the monitoring the energy consumption in the unMonastery building.
  • Equipment has been ordered, and we are currently working on outreach to involve local people (especially students) in setting up the system.

Relationships: http://www.immateriallabour.com/unmon/report/marc