unMon Report - Public Activities

// unMonastery Events:

unMonastery Press Day, 15 February

Opening Ceremony, 15 Marzo

  • Hosted 13 presentations from the Basilicata community, featuring Museo Virtuale Della Memoria Colletiva, Il vagabondo, Casa Netural, Infinity Access: a servizio della disabilità, Osservatore Lucano, Arcipelago SCEC (alternative currency), Genuino Clandestino, stOrto, Progetto Musicale (non ne so molto di più), Agri-Netural, Moodzone, Minerva Scienza, Matera Hub, Lucania Film Festival
  • Presented 5 projects involved with unMonastery, including the Open Source Solar Tracker, Community Video Project, Open Tech School, MT2019, and Festival of Growing (not presented?), Strasbourg Frustration Management Strategy I

Public Review No. 1, 21 Marzo

Introduced Community Video Project, Open Tech School, unMonastery Analytics, 0% Waste System, and Design for the unMonastery, Sage Men Present Antidote to Bureaucratic Mentality  


Public Review No. 2, 28 Marzo

Presented Mobile Solar Tracker, Open Tech School, Code for Italy, Space Design  https://vimeo.com/album/2804146

Arduino Day, 29 Marzo

Presented projects including Agri-Netural’s hydroponic system in collaboration with Marc Schneider, Luca Acito and Giuseppe Sacco’s “Spread Yourself,” and Pino Colucci’s clone of QLOCKTWO designed by BIEGERT & FUNK

Public Review No. 3, 4 Aprile

Presented projects including Collaborator Roles, unGuide, Mobile Studio

Sustainable Tourism Working Group 16 Aprile

Initial meeting of 20 local people working toward creating more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable practices.

Public Review No. 4, 18 Aprile  Text: the unWhoop   - visit from IAC (5)

//  Public Presentations:

Student Assembly at Instituto Technical, 12 Marzo

Visited 9 classrooms at the Classical high school, presenting unMonastery and Open Tech School

Student Assembly (Istituto Professionale) at Teatro Duni, 19 Marzo

Introduced unMonastery, Open Tech School and the Community Video Project

Presentation at Liceo Artistico, 22 Marzo

Introduced MT2019, unMonastery, Open Tech School, Festival of Growing, Live Studio, Design @unMonastery and Community video project

Presentation at University of Basilicata (Dicem), 24 Marzo

Introduced unMonastery, Open Source Solar Tracker, Open Tech School, Community Video Project, and Festival of Growing

Presentation at Student Assembly (Istituto Magistrale) at Teatro Duni, 25 Marzo

Introduced Open Tech School, Arduino Day, and Community Video Project

Presentation at University of Basilicata, 01 April

seminario :Social Responsibility and Spaces Regeneration:what Education for People Involvement?

Talk at Future Everything, Manchester - UK, 01 April

Ben spoke as part of ‘Building Creative Institutions’ session, on the unMonastery project and the problem with existing institutions.

Presentation at University of Basilicata, 24 Marzo

Introduced unMonastery, and presentation of Walking Ethnographies project to students from the anthropology department.

Presentation at NEXT, 11 April

Alberto introduced unMonastery to a national audience from Matera, with Ilaria, Rita, Bembo, Kei, Marc, and Gaia.