unMon Report - Rita Orlando e Antonio Elettrico

Rita Orlando and Antonio Elettrico

1st February 2014- 31st March 2014

Main Project: We believe that the unMonastery philosophy and vision are so strong that they can generate a creative catalyst starting from the expressive language: this could also mean an experimental typewriting. Scattered makers will experiment, design and prototype products needed by the unMonastarians, within the Esth-etical coordinates we will discuss with the community and elaborate at the crossroad between technological innovation, traditional craftsmanship and Esth-etics.


- To Initiate the encounter of design and handicrafts in order to develop prototypes for unMonastic goods, needed by the community (plates, cups, uniforms, …);

- To curate an area of the unMonastery website to collaborate on the unMonastery Esth-etics and promote the dissemination of this new design vision (from philosophy to production)

- To curate a strong brand identity for the unMonastery, based on its own clear philosophy, in order to strengthen objects’ appeal (through a storytelling about their own origin) and enable them to speak for the unMonastery itself.

Local Challenge it addresses:

  • lack of intergenerational space: involving students (University, schools) and young designers along with senior artisans could facilitate the intergenerational collaboration through the exchange of knowledge and experiences
  • lack of a global network between creative artists: the aim is to create a net and to enhance the visibility of local handcrafted productions through an online platform.

How the Project has changed

We thought that it would make sense to start involving people in the house in the process in order to start a participatory project with artisans.


  • three artisans involved (Officine Frida, Geppetto, Andrea Sansone) plus a designer (Luisa Lapacciana)
  • tha project has grown and also “food” is actually a part it: along with Maria Piera research, we will try to design an event related to food and creativity


  • artisans are not so much interested in the creation of a network
  • they don’t see any opportunities in co-working but a waste of time / energy
  • huge amount of time needed to support other projects / help other people to develop their own project

Activities and Outputs:(to be developed)

  • video portraits of people in the house
  • collect infos about daily life and what is most needed by individuals for common- individual activities
  • presentation at University / Liceo Artistico
  • invite artisans and designer to co-create objects

Relationships: http://www.immateriallabour.com/unmon/report/rita