unMonastery and Openstreetmap

after the press conference, I was contacted by Board Officer at OpenStreetMap Foundation because they want to find some form of collaboration with unMon

Probably, as @ilariadauria said, there would be some connection with Matera2019

more details in the next hours

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Excellent work!

Fabio, do you have a name for this person? They could already help us by helping put the unMonastery’s challenges map fron Google Maps to OSM. Incidentally, the same map (enriched with new data) will be deployed in Matera’s application to the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities program.

Let’s keep working!

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Hi, I can help to add data to a map. You can include an OSM map in edgeryders site using a Javascript plugin such as leaflet.js. I need just a json file with the list of challeges. (note: I am not from OSM and I am one of the applicants)

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Wow, [mstn], thanks. I am not sure how to turn the challenges into JSON. Any chance you could extract them from the Google Map?

Yes, I exported a KML file. How do you update challenges?

That’s me, I was the one calling Fabio.

Welcome and… mapping party!

Welcome Simone. I am sure that [Ben] and other unMonasterians will be very happy to collaborate with OSM. In fact, the fine folks over at the Matera 2019 inline community are discussing a mapping party of the Sassi to do in collaboration with our Living On The Edge conference, a time when most people in the unMonastery group will actually be in Matera: that could be a first opportunity! What does everyone think?


I’m not that busy those days, I’m planning to come to Matera for the event.

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Brilliant, [simonecortesi]! See you there, then.

Awesome connection!

Dearest Fabio,

paths are crossing. If you want to interact with Piersoft Paolicelli, Francesco zuccaro and the whole OpenStreetMap team I would advise you to register on the Matera 2019 platform and post the news you need. You will get feedback!

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Moving onwards!

Hi guys,

A little update from the Matera 2019 community :slight_smile: On October 20th and 21st, Maurizio (Napo) Napolitano is coming to Matera to give a workshop on the basics of OSM. The aim is to build a local community of OSM-ers and update some of the Municipality’s technicians on the issue. Up to now we are 22, but we are planning to get more people.

I updated the MT2019 mission with the information on this session and will speak about it after the WS: would we be up for a Mapping Party sometime during the LOTE?



I will be at LOTE (one full week), and will chair the OpenStreetMap sessions.


This is a great opportunity! This is why I updated the mission on the mt2019 community: it would be great if the people which come to the WS organized by the Municipality then come at the LOTE session you are charing. Do you intend to start mapping during your session?

it’s mapping time!

I totally want to do some serious mapping in matera while there.

both armchair mapping and photo/real field mapping. no GPS needed, just pen and pencil.