unMonastery Bergamo?

Too soon.

Whilst I agree with you @elf Pavlik - are you sure it isn’t a bit too soon for this?

I did however choose to move all the Matera reporting elements into a group of it’s own /t/unmon-reporting-evaluation/406 since I appreciate that it would create too much clutter for the conversations taking place here currently.

I think until we have another unMonastery in full motion we should keep thing in one place, so to avoid things becoming too distributed. We still haven’t derived the the learnings from this prototype yet. Would be interested to know others thoughts, @Alberto?

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Where people can focalize their collaboration?

Let’s imagine people in 10 cities want to at least try start an unMonastery node and make it possible for everyone else interested to find them. It makes sense for me to put map on global http://unmonstery.org (with big banner to existing #1 prototype http://matera.unmonastery.org ) But where those markers would link? On one side everyone can get a subdomain and link to their preferred space - mailing list, facebook group etc. On the other hand we can suggest giving a try to edgeryders groups. Personally I want to make sure I don’t get notifications about every small detail happening in every of those cities (expect if someone mentions me!)

Too soon, probably

I tend to agree with @Ben. Riccardo at @Bergamo-Hub, I think, would rather be here. It’s like Jane Jacobs used to say: the kitchen is the most cozy and most intensely used room in most houses, because it is multi-functional. People hang out there, and some random interaction ensues that makes life more interesting and warms the heart. This space, I would argue, is the unMonastery’s kitchen on the web: the unBrethren hang out as they go about their various errands, and they don’t mind sparing a minute to speak their mind on the Bergamo endeavour.

Provisionally, that is. At some point the discussion on unMonastery Bergamo might become too cumbersome. The good thing about the Edgeryders data model based on projects (group nodes in Drupal) is that you can reassign any post, task, wiki, event or what have you from one group to another in seconds. Also, you can assign them to multiple groups. So, if the unMonastery Bergamo discussion takes off and becomes unwieldy, we can create a new project; move over all discussions about it (including this one) with a couple of clicks; and simply go on there. The platform takes care of all redirects, so links do not get broken.

I am smiling to myself as I write this. @elf Pavlik is right from his perspective – but you, Elf, are one of the strongest, most resilient people I have ever met. You don’t mind being alone doing good work – if you do good work, people will come to you, as it happened time and again. Most people, however, need the more or less continued hum of human activity to keep them going. In this phase, I think most unMonastery group will consist of lone individuals who would like to start an unMonastery – and almost none will be as autonomous as Elf. They will benefit from hanging out with the Matera unBrethren, they will feel less lonely.

Riccardo, am I correct? You are of course welcome to start a separate unMonastery Bergamo project because who does the work calls the shots. But you are also welcome in this space, as far as I am concerned.

Direct Questions in the Absence of Hard Facts…

Following on from Alberto’s initial response…a historic building in a beautiful setting…but it looks quite dilapidated and overgrown and many of the pictures on the internet show internal disorder and scaffolding…so

  • Who owns it and on what basis and terms are they prepared to lease it out.
  • What is the current internal condition; does it have heat, light and water
  • Is there a budget or grants for the running costs
  • What are the heritage and conservation conditions and constraints for this particular structure
  • Is it the entire structure or just parts of it
  • How much of the adjoining land comes with it
  • Do BergamoHub want to partner with us 

If these answers are not readily available…then … ppffffttt!!

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Wrapping UnMonastery Bergamo? thread

Thanks to everyone for yor suggestions, insights and comments. :slight_smile:

There are many points that deserve attention and a more detailed analysis on this Thread. At the moment I don’t have time to respond in detail to all points because I’m super busy. Since I want to respond responsibly to everyone I decided to begin “Wrap” the debate, filtering and distilling the contents for an easier consultation and index contributions .

Google Doc:Wrapping UnMonastery Bergamo thread

I'll start the structure in the coming days and please fell free to join editing, comment and inspire.

Yes… Probably too soon for a prototype#2

Yes you are right. Probably it is too soon for a prototype#2 but we think it can be a great learning activity to share with you all and many others similar ambitions ideas and cross learning projects. I would be grateful to participate in this task and create as @elf Pavlik well described a sub-group of practitioners novice #Unmonks, learning by doing how it may be possible to replicate this successful model in other cities and countries.

Certainly be able to share this experience with you all in Matera, surrounded by so much inspiration and diversified experience would be wonderful.

Bergamo, Matera, Timbuctu or Syria … I think it is not a crucial point at this stage. I am from Bergamo, and as a citizen I would be honored to contribute to the rebirth of this wonderful monastic complex and reviving its social function for the whole community.

“Easy to say but extremely complicated and technical to do

What I think important is to develop specific skills and profiles able to support, evaluate and facilitate the emergence of new communities in a long-term project.

So… Rock’n’Roll :-)  if you are agree,  I’ll make an appointment with “Fondazione Mia” to present them  UnMonastery & Edgeriders community and try to answer ArthurD’s  key points and preliminary questions and more…

BTW… where can I find a detailed #UnMonastery Italian pdf description or presentation to present?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead


Fabrizio Terzi

Not what I meant!

Fabrizio @Bergamo-Hub, my comment above says it is probably too soon to move the conversation about unMonastery Bergamo to its own group. That does not mean that you guys are not ready to launch an actual prototype in Bergamo! That would be your call, not mine, because – you guessed it – who does the work calls the shots.

Yes, we will be happy to do presentations. We’ll make it happen somehow.

Ok … get it @Alberto :frowning:

We are watching with great pleasure

Fabrizio:  The unMonastery idea is of course open source.  Everyone builds it in their own direction.  Talking about your initiative here in Matera has been an inspiration - but what can we offer of wisdom?  We have planned the idea of a box, but haven’t even got around to finding the right box to put things in.

I find your suggestion of prototipo#2 to be good scientific method: you invent your own traditions and make your own mistakes.  The next iteration can triangulate from two sources.  This is brilliant.

Of course, we will visit and illuminate as best we can.  If you want to send an ambassador to visit us, it would be good to come in May to get the broadest spectrum of opinion.  a warm welcome is guaranteed.

Brother Bembo,

unMo Matera

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Thank you Brother Bembo!

Thank you Bembo Davies for your kind consideration :slight_smile:

In the quote by Joe Corneli “Think Locally, Act Globallyis enclosed part of our Peeragogical learning theory. (SOLE) orSelf Organized Learning Environment”.

Peeragogical interaction requires refining relational and topical critique, as well as skills in other “meta” literacies, including but not limited to critical thinking, collaboration, conflict resolution, decision-making, mindfulness, patience and compassion. In this kind of Learning Enviroment “make mistakes” and learn by doing “our why” or (why we do what we do) is frequently the best way for learn with peers.

  • How can we nurture peer to peer and local learning environments in order to develop organize the box?
  • In what ways can we unite that fundamental, passionate human characteristic of unMonks and self-organizing back into a \#prototipo2 ?
  • What do we need in order to co-design new UnMonasterys communities wordwide and organize new seed community contest? ... and list goes on

For these and many other motivations I’d be interested to apply as in-a-box-researcher facilitator for the  June - July period but I’m not sure if there is any open calls still available.

Fabrizio Profile What I have to offer

What I needs:

  • mentoring/coaching
  • inspiration and peer project vision implementation



unMon / Valldaura cross-pollination

just from the photo, it seems there’s some workable land around the monastery building which instantly made me think of the Valldaura project in the hills above Barcelona, which incorporates a ‘Green FabLab’, community workshops, horticultural research, experimentation and education. It’s also in an old monastery and touches on the monastic metaphor in its approach and principles. Perhaps an unMon Bergamo could take inspiration and ideas from their experience too?

Very nice Sam

Thanks Sam, is exactly what I meant with… “The more people we inspire, we more people we’ll inspire us” :slight_smile:

The monastery is surrounded by a lot of arable land for unMon agriculture work down here. The property also intends to create a botanical garden in the future and in  Milano EXPO 2015 in 367 day will host the Universal Exposition “Feeding the planet Energy for live”. Valldaura can can certainly be part of our puzzle design.

Thanks for inspire:)