unMonastery Bergamo?

In north Italy, the Monastero di Astino is looking for future intended use after a glorious ancient history. We believe that the candidacy of the location for the second unmonastery is the best use that the city of Bergamo can inspire. We would be glad and pleased to work on this project & idea all together with you. :slight_smile:

What do you think about it?  and what is required at present day to begin a collaboration  process together able to transform this ideas into a concrete reality?





Well, its definitely very beautiful.

Is there any local community nearby? And: do you, @Bergamo-Hub, have any access to it, or are you just expressing a wish? The Matera city hall owns the unMonastery Matera building, and that made things quite a bit easier.

Looks great!

I wonder is there land with it and nearby community? I trust you have all seen this:


(but thats not the unMonastery right!?)

P2p Fondation broken link

Hi @Eimhin ,

unfortunately the link is broken, but please send me your thoughts and insights about it… As we like to quote:

“The more people we’ll inspire, the more people we’ll inspire us”

Ok I’ll try again: with more on it:

Here’s a video about why Michel wrote the letter:

And here is another attempt at the link:


(@Matthias if this link is still broken can you check out why, it works fine for me)

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Works now.

In your first post, you had a trailing whitespace after the link and before the end of line. The new auto-linking feature interpreted that as part of the link, which lead to the error. I’ve now removed the whitespace, so both links work now.

I’m happy that the new auto-linking feature has found its first user – the feature is just half an hour old right now :slight_smile: But not that hyperlinks are beautiful while http://bare.urls/are/not-beautiful. Plus you avoid issues like the one with trailing whitespace with hyperlinks. Anyway. You found a bug in the auto-linking feature of Drupal Core, and I’m going to report it …

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Really beautiful.

As Alberto highlighted understanding who the property is owned by at this time and who holds the keys both physically and bureaucratically would be the first step.

The next step would be considering the funding dimension. Most of all though passion and commitment to make it happen on the ground is what’s needed- providing that’s there anything is possible. I think we are certainly up for that kind of collaboration. If you could provide the GPS co-ordinates and more details on the process you envision we can begin to develop a tentative first move together on the EdgeRyders platform.

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" If you could provide the GPS co-ordinates "

Wikipedia is our friend  :slight_smile:



Indeed :slight_smile:

Thanks @Ben,

For sure, is exactly the first starting point to consider for us as “Participatory action research” (PAR). How it will be possible to identify the Design process & Roadmap for further unMonastery sites? How to encapsulate all Matera Team experience? How can we create a usable guide and report patterns? etc…etc…

We are willing to study and find these answers with you!!

P.S. I will provide the exact geographical coordinates and additional references in another post.

We’re on the same page.

In terms of learnings, we’ve been pretty rigourous in our documentation of the first prototype but as it currently stands it’s in mixed formats and a bit too distributed to be useful to others. By the end of May I’m personally going to ensure that we have things structured into a wiki (at least) - and the most important patterns documented.

In addition the desire for me is to do a mini-hackathon in May to get together the first iteration of unMonastery in-a-box. I will keep you updated on progress - also as a group who wants to start one, it’d be great to get you involved in asking questions, so we get a sense of where we should be focusing attention first!

Also working with @Ola to develop a unMonastery version of MethodKit.

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You can counts on us! :slight_smile:

Learning by doing is part of our methodology DNA. At the moment we are involved Peeragogy Handbook V2 translations on wiki platform. Peeragogy is a collection of techniques for collaborative learning and collaborative work. @dorotea is is taking part at The Peeragogy Accelerator (PA)” as vehicle for gathering, collaboration and engagement of peer learning and peer production, moving peer projects from idea to execution to results… and she might be interests to merge community effort. In this PA task, members will work with attendees to reflect clearly on their own educational projects and provide them with an opportunity to figure out how different projects can come together in a way that improves everybody’s work.

We’ll be glad to to contribute to unMonastery in-a-box and be part of the team @Ben


@Bergamo-Hub I have been at LOTE3 in Matera last year, I live nearby to you (close to Pavia), let me know if you need anything. I specialize in data, geodata is my thing.



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Grazie Simone :slight_smile:

Thank you @simonecortesi for your help and support.

You are welcome in Bergamo at any time and I’ll be happy to accompany you to visit the site personally if you pass through Bergamo. Just ping me :slight_smile:

BTW… Which tecnology do you recommend me for #geovisualize the monastery for the community?

Grazie e a presto…

Behold the Primus Inter Mappers

Riccardo, I don’t know if you already knew @simonecortesi. His involvement is a major asset to any project, because he is the Primus Inter Mappers, one of the elders in the global (not just Italian) OpenStreetMap community. That he is stepping up to unMonastery Bergamo is a very good sign.

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Thanks for the intro, too kind :slight_smile:

Bergamo is the most culturally active city in this area, if there is any place where the next unmon could start, that is BG.

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map details

I’ve just added some details to the Astino area’s map.

Think Locally, Act Globally

Buongiorno @Alberto,

It would be really a fantastic location for an unMonastery for north Italy. The ancient Monastery of Astino is located in the municipality of Bergamo, at the foot of the southwestern slope of the hills on which stands the old core of the city and 15 minutes away from the international airport of Orio al serio. The complex is owned by the Fondazione MIA and since 2008 they are looking for feasible design process for the definition as public cultural compatible use of the complex.

We believe that inspire unMonastery & Edgeryders vision here is the best way to honor the history of this city complex and create shared conditions to address challenges for the future.We are aware of the difficulties that we may encounter during the process as we know that the best way to learn for unMonastery community is “learning by doing”.

And we’ll be glad to start work on it and share progress step-by-step with you all. :slight_smile:

GPS co-ordinates Astino UnMonastery :slight_smile:

Dear all here we are a #geodata co-ordinates as required:

Address: Via Astino, 13, Bergamo BG, Italia

GPS co-ordinates: 45.708109, 9.639853

Street View: http://goo.gl/0HDaLR  (old Google map frame)


If you click on the coordinates on the Astino Monastery wikipedia page you get this wikimedia labs GeoHack page which is interesting.

Sub groups for each unMonastery node?

I would propose moving all the Matera specific work to a sub-group / sub-project and invite people to start creating other sub-group to work on other nodes (no matter how far or near in development). I would also like to put a map on http://unmonastery.org which could link to all those groups and encourage people to join the work :slight_smile:

Thank you @Bergamo-Hub for stepping up and taking initiative!!!