unMonastery documentation central?

Documentation has become a recurring pain point an the unMonastery. Many things get done, but it is spectacularly hard to keep track of all the moving part.

To improve this situation, here is a page I have created that generates a directory of all unMonastery-related groups on Edgeryders:


This works through a filter that looks for projects that have “unMonastery” as a topic. That initially yielded zero results, so I manually added the tag (plus some extra ones for better retrievability) to all projects on Edgeryders that looked unMonasterian-ish to me. Now I have 14.

To all unMonasterians present and future, I ask you: please remember to tag projects, posts and other content on Edgeryders. It’s just information hygiene. The unMonastery tag on your project will make it display on the unMonastery project directory page. To do so, go to your project (or content of any kind page) page, click the “Edit” tab and look to the right for the “Topics” field in red. Click it and the field becomes visible. Type “unMonastery” and whatever else you want (the field has autocomplete), then click “Save” and you are done.


I just saw this - very helpful, thank you. I will ensure everyone’s seen this post!