unMonastery Goes Transmediale

Yesterday, the unMonastery arrived in Berlin to take part in Transmediale, a festival for arts and digital culture. This years theme, CAPTURE ALL, looks at how our quantified lives unfold, how we make sense of a culture dependent on measurement and automation procedures, and how to act with autonomy within.

As part of CAPTURE ALL, unMonastery activities take place on three sites: our apartment in Berlin (55 Rathenower Strasse); an offline mesh network; and the unMonastery site at Transmediale in the Foyer of the Haus der Kulturen Der Welt. We plan to assemble around the coyly titled Global unMonastery Summit, a trilogy woven in infrastructure space - and distributed between living quarters, the foyer of Transmediale and a wifi mesh network to share privately between attendees and participants the learnings of The Book of Mistakes and other Bios related material.

Each component of the summit has been designed to offer alternative forms of engagement in the unMonastery’s work, whether it be through intimate discussions, remote collaboration, or participatory workshops.

Yesterday the full festival programme has been released, allowing us to finally share it, and invite you to join us for unMonastery activities here in Berlin, remotely on the net, or at some far flung location in our collective future junkspace.

More details will be online on unMonastery sessions and where you can find us in the coming days.


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Looks fabulous

A very well put together programme, and happy to see many familiar names in it! Bravo, will see you soon <3