unMonastery in The Nation

Dear unMonks,

I’m excited to say that The Nation has now published the article that I came to Matera to report. It appears in the current issue alongside a full-page graphic that should be titled The Apotheosis of Bembo.

I’m so, so grateful for how you let me into the experience and welcomed me so generously. I hope this article does some justice to this important project. In any case, I’ll be looking forward to your reactions.

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you made my day!

Thanks @nathanairplane :) I must admit that lately unMonastery banner somehow became more grey in my eyes :frowning: thanks to your rehash, now it got bit greener once again :smiley:

Well done you!

Wow @nathanairplane, well done! It’s a beautiful, well thought piece. It really is something – I am reading it from the unMonastery itself!

I want to read it once more tomorrow, with a clear mind – I really appreciate the article’s bird’s eye view, very useful for one that has been, and still is, so close to the project.

@elf Pavlik, tomorrow @mariabyck and I will go to the recycling station in your honor, to dispose of the recyclables in the unMonastery’s tradition. But what do you mean by “going gray” and then “back to green again”?

hard to explain…

Not sure if I can explain it @Alberto, I may need some time and possibly some fulfillment in other endeavors before I will gain more clarity on my experience of unMonastery. I dedicated relatively big chunk of attention and energy to the pilot session in Matera, at the same time disengaging from many other activities I feel excited about in recent years :frowning: On positive side slowly catching up with them now #geold14 #DBpediaLeipzig2014 #SocialWG etc. :smiley:

@nathanairplane I’ve never changed bio which I put on facebook while creating account back in late 2010 :wink:

BTW, not sure if I made it clear that when I referred to colors I meant my perception of unMonastery and not unMonastery itself!

No worries, my friend, I am just curious. Yes, you did make it clear that you were speaking about perception (“… in my eyes”).

I am at the unMonastery as I write this, and @mariabyck, @Marc, and I have been going back on their unMonasterian experience quite a bit. It seems they, like you, need some CPU time to digest it. I am looking forward to trying to make sense of it all in LOTE4, when some of the dust has settled.

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Most likely not going to Matera :frowning:


I just noticed that hackathon shrunk to just 2 days. I planned to come just for this hackathon since lote4 collides with my plans of participating in Elevate Festival 2014 (Oct 23-26th). Now I also consider visiting Riva del Garda around ISWC2014 and maybe we’ll also get chance to meet up with @mstn and do some hacking together on unTransit in or around Trento.

On positive side we may get chance with other unMonasterians to catch up with each other in late January during mysterious event in Berlin. Today I should have chance to discuss it in more depth with @Kei and @Ben over dinner :slight_smile:

I wish everyone great weather and productive&fun time in Matera!