unMonastery Proposed Next Steps

unMonastery Proposed Next Steps

unMonastery: Now - May 31st.

  1. Merging Individual Projects (in order to establish taskforces focused on well defined goals and milestones See Popplet):
    1. Open Tech School - Led by Kei

      Deliverable: Workshops and Self Sustaining Course

    2. Mapping the Commons - Led by Maria

      Deliverable: Events and Artisan Network, 2/3 day Festival in Piccianello

    3. Open Source Festival - Led by Marc

      Deliverable: 2/3 day Festival in Piccianello

    4. Sustainability Plan - Led by Ben

      Deliverable: Hackathon, Framework and Building Manual.

  2. Geographical Focus: Piccianello, by shifting attention and energy to a single location we can ensure impact is visible, measurable and realistic. This in turn can be used as a model to iterate throughout the city.

    This is to be led and managed by Rita and Ben, through a clear partnership between the University, MT2019 and EdgeRyders/unMonastery - with no money changing hands.

    This focused would be supported by a Public Meeting in Piccianello before the end of the month.

  3. Communication Strategy (Going forward):

    Distribution channels for information shared to be split between EdgeRyders, MT2019 website and unMonastery Blog.

    1. Regular dinners, unMonastery and MT2019 (to discuss information to share and exchange files, create content)
    2. unMonastery Daily Diary and Weekly Summary         
    3. Tie Content and Documentation directly to specific Challenges         
    4. Centre communication around making visible the ability to bring people together
    5. Establish a focus group for sceptics to assess unMonastery - Mobile Salon, similar to Joseph Grima’s recent approach to listening to Matera.

  1. unMonastery: June 1st - July 31st

    At the current level of spending it looks likely that we will save in the region of 8,000 euro, with an additional 2000 euro this will enable us to continue running the project with a smaller group of unMonasterians for some months, ( Providing we are allowed continued use of the building and the utilities are covered by the Municipality.)  Several of the current residents voice the desire to continue their work further. Various models for doing this should be discussed.

    1. Extended Deliverables
      1. Self Sustaining Open Tech School, with teachers based in Matera
      2. Events, mapping workshops and framework centered around the use of empty property in Matera
      3. Start your own unMonastery kit
    2. Logistics
      1. Secure VISA for Kei
      2. Revised MOU, to factor in the distribution of funds
      3. Co-ordination is shared between Ben and Rita - Ben will be in Matera 10 days a month (working for free).
      4. Budget overview - Versioned

  1. Build relationship with the growing MT2019 program by offering the unMonastery’s established infrastructure to support this work with the potential for active collaboration.
  2. Create 3 Partnerships with Matera based Organisations - that ensures active use and co-ownership of the downstairs space.   

    These are possible partnerships but we will establish exactly who to partner with as a result of public meetings.

    1. University of Basilicata
    2. CNA (artisans association)
    3. Open Data Matera (Giving them a physical location to meet)
    4. Sviluppo Basilicata