unMonastery - prototipo Matera / Report Summary:

The initial  existence of the unMonastery experiment has passed half way.  Enormous amounts have been done; some constructively, others in the spirit of exploration have required on-going reevaluation. This report represents an initial draft overview of progress at the unMonastery since our arrival at the beginning of February 2014. It’s been created initially to meet the funding requirements; to report our financial outgoings, our public activity and the individual progress of ‘sub-projects’.

Charged with looking backwards - we would like to use the opportunity to look forwards. We’ve expanded the  terms of the report to serve as a moment to reflect publicly on what we’ve achieved since February and to use the evaluation itself as a feedback loop that helps us examine the thrust of the work that we can realistically accomplish in the light of the challenges reported.  We would also appreciate feedback on what we should include in the potential closing report for the overall project.  

As part of this evaluation process each individual was asked to explain their work according to a few central questions. 11 of us managed to submit this and our replies are included as a hopefully illuminating appendix.  

As it currently stands this report covers:

Report Overview:



-Individual project reports focus on time period up until end of March. 

-Network Graphs for each individual will be online tonight at the links provided in individual reports