unMonastery sessions: help!

ok :slight_smile:

ok for me :slight_smile:

I will join the call anyway as I’m supposed to be at unMon sometime soon :slight_smile:

ok :slight_smile:

ok for me :slight_smile:

I will join the call anyway as I’m supposed to be at unMon sometime soon :slight_smile:


@ilariadauria of course I’m in. I don’t agree on local dialect (many people from Matera would not understand a word!) but this is not the main point. I do insist on schools and University involvement (already shared with Rossella and Emmanuele Curti, they agree).

I can help with graphics and translations, if needed. Local TV can be a really useful tool to reach Materani, as you know!

Hey @kei I like your idea of educational series!

kisses to all!

Instructables and yes!

Yes, I can give a hand!

But I’m limited by the time I can offer at this time, let’s say only something like 6 hours a week… glad to see other graphic design hands are already here!

Ok, I made Instructables on a pdf file you can find and download here.

Tell me if you think it works.

Any improvement you feel it’s needed please say.

About the date 13th MArch? it is the second Che Fare deadline, right?

@ilariadauria, Is there any graphic stuff, like a photomontage, that you can already realize as being needed?

pacheca! I missed this post,

[pacheca]! I missed this post, I am so sorry! Because of this post I thought [Rita O] had done the instructables in English! Thank you so much!

We actually moved the workspace here so things can go quicker. On Sunday (either at 11:00 either at 12:00) there will be a Community Call also on the Che Fare application, if you want to join. For the moment I will write a simple post to share what we came up with with the girls from the Comitato!

Sorry again for not giving you feedback :slight_smile:

No problem

Dear @ilariadauria, Ok, no problem!

Still here if I can help somehow.

Talked with @marilena and sent her the image I’ve made for the first phase.

We’ll keep in touch.

(Now it’s my turn to say that I’m sorry for the late response)

Big hug,


No worries [pacheca]: risks and potentials of online collaboration is prolonged time for response! 

I guess we’ll need presence next Monday 10th of Februardy at 11:00 a.m. for the Twitterstorm :-) 

Keep you posted!


I am also happy to explain my project. I will be in Matera from 1 February.


Hello everybody! Just to tell you that the new workspace for the Che Fare application is here!

Please join the discussion, and help us catch up with the other projects (which have more than 5000 votes!) in a creative way :slight_smile: