unMonastery sessions: help!



This week we gathered quite a lot of feedback on how to proceed with this Che Fare competition: language issues, questions on the platform, deeper ones on the reasons of going for a clickfest, and more generally what is the purpose of this ecc :slight_smile: We even had students from Alberto’s Service Design course contribute to the discussion with 3 interesting proposals!

Time is ticking, and I do believe that we can in any case use this as an opportunity: it’s not about getting votes, it’s about building capacity!

The format I was thinking of is like the Share Sessions: something like “if you had to explain the unMonastery to a child, what would you say?” during which we call some experts of subject tied to the unMonasterians projects. People cand ask questions using a specific hashtag. This would be the spirit.

To do so, I need your help.

This is the team I thought I could rely upon, but for it not to be wishful thinking, I do need your confirmation :slight_smile:

  • The selected unMonasterians
  • 3 people from the Social Media Team (graphic designer and 2 people for the social media strategy)
  • 2 people from the Webteam in Matera: I was thinking of doing some brief videos in local dialect to explain the project simply
  • Edgeryders who want to help out on designing a way to build solid, convinving and purposeful communication: spread the word, grow the community and channel interest towards the unMonastery / a way to hack evaluation based on business plans. 

[marilena] [invisigot] [Dorotea] [Auli] [pacheca] [Marc] [Elfpavlik] [Rita O] [Cristiano Siri] [Kathleen] [Kei] [Bembo Davies] [mariabyck] [fortyfoxes] Would you be up to making a short video to explain your project in English so we can start work on the communication and building thematic Twitterstorms on your projects?

Anyone interested?


Short video

Hi Ilaria,

Of course I would agree to make a short video explaining my project (though my english is not very good :-)).

When do you want to do this?


Feel at ease!

I think it’s about communicating at best in your language. If it’s french, then let it be french and we will find a creative way to translate it. I was thinking of having your video with subtitles in English, but then have a video of a local artist say what you describe in local dialect. For this I have to check if there is a team in Matera ready to build and support the plot. How about we can build together a format for the unMonasterians pitch?


Will try in English

I will try it in english if it’s too bad then in french :slight_smile:

but we will make this video in Matera right?



I will se tomorrow with Matera 2019 what kind of technical support we can get. If you guys get to Matera on the 1st of February, that would allow us something like one week to build the strategy, videos, ecc. And then go live with 4 Twitterstorms building knowledge until the deadline for the Che Fare application (13th of March). I hope this can also be embedded in local community, using the encounters and the venue to open up to the community. I’m sure we’ll come up with something great.


Sounds most useful, Ilaria,

Sounds most useful Ilaria,

Does the timeframe allow those of us descending upon Matera time to land before we have to start generating definitions of what we are really doing??  At any rate doing this work of carving out or core concepts for public consumption is very valuable.  I have some of the greatest hits from my  Philosof di Casa mutterings collected into one place on my blog.  Feel free to steal whatever might seem useful.

A version of the video suggested was taped by Sam Muirhead in Matera.  He conceivably has snippets from several of us, although he may had turned his attention elsewhere since finishing the two very useful pieces he churned out after the LOTE.  (As I recall mine made good use of the local colour and would therefore be infinitely better than anything I could perform in my living room…

See you soonish ?



Institute for NonToxic Propaganda

Society for the Promotion of Human Rites

Future Protection Agency


No definitions!

Ah my friend, you’re always putting things in perspective in a purposeful way: I don’t see the videos as defining and carving in stone your mission for the rest of the journey. Let’s see it more like what questions are driving you to Matera? You are better than me at this, so maybe you could help in building a very light draft of areas to tackle with the video: once we brainstorm on it, then each and every one of you can decide how to build the video: only speaking about the project (because it’s clear), or the method, or simply the questions, or who you are. The thing is the more I read your projects, the more I think they really sound great but have to be communicated simply in a fun way. And as you have discovered, irony and satire are to very powerful weapons we know how to use in the South :slight_smile:

p.s. I think [Sam Muirhead] already gave his contribution to the unMonastery with that great video (the only one, by the way). I would be happy to do an intervention on local tv and pass it on to publicize it a bit more :slight_smile: Maybe also [Ola] might want to hop in and work with [Marilena] on the icons of the challenges. Sorry for this pinging, I am not used to this top-down approach and don’t know all the community so if anyone wants to hop in! Feel free :slight_smile:



great! and nice ideas!

In my opinion,The first unmonks can makes the first interesting video about their projects and then work in comunication stuff.

yes I am in. I can help to work in graphic design, and to translate in Italian. Do you want to  translate all videos in italian? I mean it’s make sense for italian competition and also to arrive at more italian people.

I am out untill next tuesday with very bad interet connection, I try to follow your discussion and  the first step for che fare!. I am near matera in the next months it will be helpful!



On Monday I am checking with the Matera 2019 people to understand how much support we can get from them. Let’s speak eraly next week and see what we can be up to!

Thanks for the presence!


yes, I can help :slight_smile:

and of course I can create a Video about my project at #unMon :slight_smile:

I can help with Social Outreach as well,

and Social Media

what is the timeline for this ? … do we have to hurry up … ?


Of course

Yes, I would be happy to—should be fun! Also, I can help with film editing & design as needed.

I likely won’t be in Matera until after the first week of February but will draft some communication ideas before then. My initial thought is: do we want to produce separate videos for all of the projects? If so, should we link them visually just by graphic design materials? If not, maybe we could organize complementary projects into segments of one video? Could build some energy, and save more focused videos for particular aspects and highlights of projects as they develop, as a sort of educational series. Not sure which would be more helpful for voting purposes but wanted to put that question out there.


Yes! I am happy to make a video

I will send as soon as possible. Any thoughts on the ideal length?

I can help with editing.  I wont be in Matera until March 5 but could do it remotely .


Aw it’s so great to hear this!

Do you think a Community Call would be easier to get us all in line or is it better to go on in writing?


A call would be helpful maybe :slight_smile:

A call would be helpful, but we can keep everyone updated here as well, so maybe both ways are good.



So lemme know if you prefer mornings or nights, and pick a couple of days in the week so everyone can tune in and then we’re up for the call. Goody!


community call: che fare

Any dates for the next community calls?


In Matera now!

[Marilena], the unMonastery goes live tomorrow.

I guess from now on community calls will be run by Matera… [Ben] can probably answer this one best.



Ok. Let me know!

I am near Matera in the next times, so I can also join there directly!



Hello [Marilena] [Dorotea]!

I was thinking of using this Sunday Community Call to speak about the strategy and share the outcomes of discussions with Rita, Raffaella & co. in Matera. I’m just waiting for the unMonasterians to say ok and decide the time (potentially late in the morning!). Would that be okay for you?



For me it’s ok.