unMonastery Update: We Are Live - Full Speed Ahead

This post is designed to give a quick overview of ongoing development on the unMonastery project and to invite you to get involved.

Last week the first real iteration of the unMonastery website went live, followed shortly by public confirmation for the first prototype of the project to start in Matera this year, September 2013. This marks a big shift for the project from being an idea developed during lote and #LOTE2 to the reality of needing to prove the concept, which means between now and September there’s a lot of work to do. It’s absolutely critical to say at this point that unMonastery is as of yet not a fixed idea, we have worked hard in recent months to generate a sense of definition but one that allows for flexibility, is inclusive and allows for a collaborative process between all those that want to be involved. With this in mind, know that it is what you bring to the project that will shape its future.

So where to start? As it currently stands this is the timeline.

Key dates coming up are:

28th February - Initial Pre-Call for Application within the EdgeRyders Network,

16th of March - Co-Design Workshop in London,

16th of March - Official Call for Application

22nd-23rd March - Pre-Event in Matera: An Introduction to unMonastery.

In order to establish a continuous connection between those working on the project and invite new ideas we’ve decided to hold regular online meetups, anyone is welcome to join in these sessions and contribute ideas. We’ve also created an agenda for you to raise points prior to the session, which is accessible here.


You may have noticed that many of the links in this blogpost are to our online work space, we’re using PbWorks as mentioned in previous posts. There are a number of tasks and areas of work that we’re currently focused on -web content, internal governance models, goals and outcomes- if you would like to contribute to the ongoing development just email joinus@unmonastery.eu for access. It has though been suggested that we make the work space public for greater transparency - if this is something you believe should happen, speak now!

Ways you can join in the co-creation of the unMonastery. 

  • Write Text for the Website - The online work space has a number of areas that are as yet incomplete and could benefit from your input.
  • Help tell the story of unMonastery - We're aiming to release a video explaining unMonastery on the 15th of March, you can contribute content and ideas to the format. 
  • Attend the online meetups 
  • Join us in London on the 9th of March for a day long workshop focused on mapping the future of the project using MethodKit (Time and Location TBA soon)
  • Research and Share experiences from previous projects you may have been involved in that can help the unMonastery learn
  • Come to Matera on the 22nd of March and help organise the pre-launch of unMonastery 
  • Translate content on the website - We shouldn't be restricted to an English only version of the site. 

Court the trust of Matera

In order to prepare the field and start to involve the local community, a thread has been opened between the voluntary webteam for Matera2019 (candidate city for the European Capital of Culture title in 2019).

A collective brainstorming has produced:

  • a list of potential community-leaders that can be contacted directly before the 22-23rd of March launch-event

  • a list of certain themes that are felt as problematic in the community: a first draft that could form the basis for a discussion

  • the translation of the English content of the website, in Italian

There is a desire to understand in what way they can help: of course there will be support for all the activities linked to diffusion, communication and information…

A first proposal concerns a collective written interview to be done to those of you who want to answer the few questions (translated in Italian and published on www.visitmatera.com): how are you imagining the launch-event? how can they help?


 Now the website is live, share it and tweet it?

  • www.unmonastery.eu
  • www.twitter.com/unmonastery
  • www.facebook.com/unmonastery

Join Us


Well done!

Well done, I’m impressed. I really, really like the list of community leaders: it seems like a great trust-building tool to approach them, and I am looking forward to the results.

The link to the list of themes, however, seems broken!