Unstoppable train meets immovable wall

Yesterday, I recalled a poetic image that emerged while reading stuff about open space technology: An unstoppable train heads towards an immovable stone-wall. No way out, except that the train, in slow motion, flake by flake, becomes a cloud of colorful insects of all kinds. Today, [Nadia] writes about Buckminster Fuller and butterflies, with a very nice picture, and I wonder if we could turn this train unHits wall idea into a very short video-clip to present Edgeryders’ most “edgy” initiatives like this one. I have some music which could be used for at least part of the video, or just serve as scaffolding for a better thing, which might conceivably be crowdfunded if someone champions it.

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This is such a beautiful idea

We have a small budget for designwork, perhaps we could award it to someone willing to make this? I have the original design files for the Buckminster Butterfly flyers so we can easily use the graphics for this film.