Update: deadline moved back and some more stuff done

Hello all, I am sorry but we will have to reschedule the final call and move back the deadline for writing everything. We do need some time to re-read and upload everything onto the participant’s portal, something we have never done. Deadline is April 12th, so April 9th is not viable as a final call.

I am moving the call back to Tuesday, April 7th at 10.00 am CET. Please be completely finished by then. If you are not, we will probably not be in a condition to send in the application, and we all will have wasted a lot of valuable time. Remember: it only takes one failing partner to sink the whole enterprise. Don’t let it be you!

Yesterday I wrote sections 3.2 on management structure and procedures and 3.3 on the consortium as a whole. I also repurposed my table of pitfalls to be Table 3.2 on the Critical risks for implementation. As usual, I left some comments for you to provide some input, but it is very limited.