Update on the Facebook Campaign to promote the public event of 21 april 2022

I had a quick call with Caroline from ADS the digital agency that is supporting us with the Facebook ads campaign

They have created an official The Reef Facebook Page and a Facebook event created by the page. in this page the idea is to add some description paragrahps in dutch and french. i will share the links below when i see them.

It is up to us to keep this presence alive after the public meeting of 21 april. or just having them for the time of the campaign

caroline saw the video of the reef and she said it was really good for comms purposes . i said to her that this is a video not to be shared because it reflects a previous phase of the project.


we are going to test with some marketing messages also in French and Dutch. althout the risk is that this might not work and some people will be dissapointed to “land” after click in a page only in english.


we will start with a budget of 50 euros. make it turn and see what results they bring. if we are happy with the results we can add another 50 euros.

they are going to work on the launching of the campaign today and should be starting tomorrow (april 8th)

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facebook event link
facebook page link

apparently we are doing everything in english at the moment. so forget about the mention about languages in the previous post

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Thanks @manuelpueyo, looks great!

Just one little thing: so far we haven’t shared the address of the venue anywhere. The idea is that people register and only then they get to see the address (see the event I created for our own social networks)

Would you agree to just write “Forest” as the address?

I agree. Change is done!

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