Update on the publication plan

Hello all, here is where we are.

  • @lakomaa and @tino_sanandaji produced a paper. Erik had a couple of paper copies in Milan. I do not have a link to it: here is a reflection upon reading it.
  • @markomanka also produced a paper. I am reading it, but it is slow going (40 pages, and in academic French).
  • The paper by @ezio_manzini, @federico_monaco and others is going ahead, but will not be submitted in 2017. What needs to happen is for Ezio to review the work already advanced by his co-authors, and hammer it into a draft that everyone can then work on. He has promised to resume work next week.
  • The journal version of the “Scaling digital ethnography” is also going ahead. We are missing (1) a new section from @amelia; (2) some quantitative results from @melancon and the new doctor @jason_vallet; (3) a discussion of those results, mostly by me and (4) a general polish. 1 and 2 will realistically arrive by Christmas, so, again, submission in 2018 (but before the review meeting).

Any time you can spare to read and comment other people’s papers will be appreciated both by the authors and by OpenCare reviewers. “More integrated work”, remember?

This is likely to be my last update on the matter, I am in full sprint for closing the project.

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