Update: some progress on the WP description/budgeting sides


Almost there! We are missing some honing by SSE and the whole SCIMpulse budget – @markomanka has already promised to get his part of the work done by the weekend, ping @Lakomaa.

LaBRI budget - WP4

I just committed on GDocs a draft (close to final) of our budget. I steel need to consolidate the budget for WP4.

On the online conversation harvesting and network analysis, for now the partners involved (those who have declared interest) are ER and LaBRI. ANyone is welcome to join.

I have included a consortium activity (developing common SNA expertise and good practices through tutorial workshops) that should gather almost all partners. Please include the necessary funds in your budget to make sure you can join.


Guy: in yesterday’s call we decided to generalize your idea to all domain expertise present in the consortium, not just SNA. What we envision is this: we will attach to each consortium meeting semi-public events in which we share knowledge. This goes into WP5, and represents the “Learning” in “Learning, engagement and dissemination”.

Back online

I’m back online and will look into what has been posted in my absense.

Great idea!

Great. Just move it to WP5. I would suggest putting this into WP0. Naming it WP5 makes it sound as if its this last thing we thought about … whereas WP0 looks like something much more central to the consortium, heading towards consortium synergy.

I agree!

Yes, I see that we have WP5 for learning and WP6 for management, I agree WP0 is sexier… but no idea how relevant numbering is.

Quick notes from looking at the WPs spreadsheet: tasks and numbering don’t exactly correspond to the tasks some of us budgeted for - see WP4 in Tasks and WP4 in LaBRI Budget-  differences appear, not sure if this is crucial since the budget will be atomized by we do need consistency because in each WP description in the proposal you need to detail your activities, and then when aggregating we need to look at 1 sheet and get everything from there - Tasks.

Same with ER, but I moved all communication and dissemination tasks in WP5 to be consistent with the budget sheet Alberto re-made.

Should perhaps WeMake also move all their 2.3 Communication activities in WP5, for consistency? ping @Cristina_Martellosio.

Trying to look at all our events to make sure we don’t overcommit:

WP4: 2 data driven workshops (LaBRI)

WP5: 3 onboarding workshops (ER)

3 co-design workshops (WeMake and Milano)

WP6: 4 consortium meetings (everyone)

0.25% really?

Just wanted to be sure, we said indirect costs should be 25% but I see ER who has done the first budget calculated 15%. If it’s 25%, I will go ahead and make those changes!


Refer to the Horizon 2020 Factsheet.

Page 2:  "The projects are co-financed by the EU and the participants. For research and development projects the share of the EU contribution can be up to 100% of the total eligible costs. For innovation projects up to 70% of the costs, with the exception of non-profit legal entities which can also receive up to 100 % in these actions. In all cases indirect costs will be covered by a flat rate of 25% of the direct costs. "