Updates and team task list for the team organising the workshops in Serbia

Call between @TamaraVuk @jasen_lakic and myself.

Community engagement status

Tamara met CATALYST and they gave her advice: we have to be visually friendly and make everything being super easy - including registration through the facebook event. It also feels strange that there is a registration form. It reads unprofessional and rude to contact people from her personal page, not from an organisation.
They would get involved in the future if we have concrete projects.
They asked where we are registered, because in Serbia there are 30000 organisations registered and only a few are actually working, the rest are shady.

Approach to reaching out to people: not through facebook (make Tamara very vulnerable to being approached by shady users), but through email.

TASKS for Tamara:

  • approach 20 groups (not necessarily organisations) through different channels (please post the list + links to their online website/channels on the Workspace|!)
  • make up an invitation from Edgeryders in Serbian that Noemi can use to post on fb groups.

Has set up 2 meetings in Novi Sad on Friday morning for us, ahead of the events.
For Becej everything is set, they will print the poster for the event.
It will be a mixt audience - older but also high school students.
He posted on fb groups about the event, also connected with the Boy Scouts local organisation, the Becej Youth association, and the highschools. Jasen is also in touch with the Technical highschool. He is asking them to have a call ahead of the workshop with the students.

The project he has in mind is an idea originating from the meetup he did there - meeting a very friendly guy who codes, works on crafts and machines. He wanted to have a place where they’d have these machines (laser cutters, cncs where they could cut/repair/remanufacture things in service of the municipality). There is a big problem with vandalism in the city. On one side, we’ll be able to make things, and on the other those who usually break things could maybe get involved to build something, for a change. Already a spokesperson from youth and someone from municipality involved. The message is: there is this platform which we use for communication and setting the stories, what needs to be done, how, and we can exchange ideas to find solutions to every day life.



  • 10’ Edgeryders introduction: slides + 10’ Q^A

  • 10’ Wellbeing in Europe: Jasen speaks about his own experience with edgeryders, LOTE participation etc.

  • 30’ Stories from Becej/ Serbia (3)

  • 10’ Zoli from Ekobecej + 5’ Q&A

  • Break

  • 30’-45’ Nikola Canak

  • 10’ Jasen: presentation of a common project idea: the space with machines and crafting. Open discussion

  • Moderator: Jasen

  • Documentation: Tamara


Facilitator: Tamara
Documentation: Tihana
Photos: ?

13h - 18h

  • 20’ Introduction of Hosts (Tamara, Jasen, Noemi) + Edgeryders + Q&A
  • 10’ Wellbeing Festival: stories from Berlin, Stockholm, Poland etc. + example stories from Serbia/ what happened in Becej (Tamara)
    Community: a group of people coming together under a common goal, and finding things that they want to make together.
  • 15’ Participants introductions (game? YES/NO standing)
  • 10’ Ivan (human rights) + 10’ Q&A
  • 45’ Lunch break
  • 30’ Group discussions: 3 TOPICS connected to collaboration & community
  • 20’ Open discussion: people come back and report from the smaller group discussions.
  • 10’ Uros (MadHeadGames; collaboration of his company with foreign companies ‘open world’) + 10’ Q&A
  • 10’ MarkaSvaka + 20’ Q&A
  • Wrap up


  • Ensure gender balance please!!
  • Jasen to send Noemi 3 important points to address in the Edgeryders introduction
  • All: We need to send a final email to speakers to ask them what to prepare and how to not go over the time allocated.


  • Jasen to rent a car service to drive from Belgrade to Novi Sad and then Becej.
  • Rent an Airbnb in Novi Sad and Belgrade (send Noemi links for her to book).
  • Book a photographer (also amateur probably OK) for at least 1 of the workshops

The above it’s a wiki, feel free to edit and add things.

When can we have the next and final meeting before the workshops?
Is Monday 18 November OK for you?

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update: we have a TV crew covering our workshop
do we still need a photographer?

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Oh wow, oki. Then I would at least ask someone from the participants to volunteer and take some nice photos…

Yeah that was my idea, I am sure we can find someone whose hobby is photography who will do it with pleasure

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Here is the list of Fb groups and organizations I contacted today( and earlier):

Still working on this. :slight_smile:

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A few more I have contacted yesterday and today

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@TamaraVuk I recommend starting with Uros’s talk instead of Ivan.
Please adjust the Agenda and send it to the speakers this week, adding:

We have designed the program for the day in order for everyone who attends to have an opportunity to share their experiences on collaboration and how they work with other people to create common good.
We want the boundaries between you as speakers and others who are participanting to not exist. See yourselves as conversation openers!

For this reason, we would very much appreciate it if in your talk, you will:

  1. talk about HOW you do things, not only what you do, what motivates you and how your work is contributing to make Serbians a better community
  2. describe how you use collaboration in your work, and why it is important to work together to achieve common goals
  3. address existing challenges you have currently in your work, where others could offer advice or ideas.

Don’t hesitate to be as honest and informal as you want, and consider the event as a place for sharing.
EdgeRyders, the international community organising this, is a network of online/offline collaborators and all of their/our projects are based on building collaboration and more effective tools to better support projects for social change.


  • you will have a projector available, if you want to use slides
  • please structure your talk for no more than 10 minutes, so that we have more time for questions
  • come with an open mind!