Updates to the Onboarding Manual and the onboarding checklist

Hello @reef-recruitment,

I am starting a new thread to keep track of changes I am making to the checklist and the Onboarding Manual, and for requests to make more changes.

For now the way I work is this:

  • Minor changes and corrections: I just make them without any notice
  • Significant changes: I use the track changes function, notify you here, and then accept the changes a week or so later.

In today’s episode: I updated the Onboarding Manual’s section 8 on “learning and training”, to include the list of trainings that was consented to in the “bringing in more sociocracy training” proposal. I created a new section with the list of trainings (now 8.3.3) and then referenced that list in point 7 of the Associate Membership list in the checklist, with a reminder in the Full Members checklist.