Updates, updates, updates

So, here’s what I’m dealing with:

  1. Planning and logistics of my trip to the Czech Republic. It seems that I already failed at choosing the space, looking at the reactions on the platform, and it might skew the meeting a little bit. I am hoping not! Looks like we might have the local connector hired by then, and @Jirka_Kocian is joining me there anyway, so we will have a chance to hold this discussion in Czech language and see what people think. At least the interest in social media is promising.

  2. I had some admin work related to my new coworkers, Asia and Mikolaj, as well as small training in the use of the platform and how do we work. We’re getting there slowly but surely :slight_smile: And a lot of admin work related to me :slight_smile:

  3. We’re planning the topics of the virtual cafe’s with my colleagues, the list will be ready this week.