Urban Agenda for the EU consultation

The EC opened up [public consultation on their Urban Agenda](http://The Urban Agenda for the EU is a multi-level and multi-stakeholder initiative that strives to involve cities and urban authorities to achieve Better Regulation, Better Funding and Better Knowledge for urban policy in Europe.) and its action plans. It closes this Friday.

I think it is strategically worthwhile for Edgeryders to submit feedback on relevant Digital Transition action plans.

The form to complete feedback has an average of 5 questions and then organisational information - example here.

Specific action plans I think are relevant to us are:

  • Draft Action 3: Capacity-Building and Spreading of Pilots in Regions and Cities
  • Draft Action 6: Build a data taxonomy at a European level;
  • Draft Action 10: Building innovation and dissemination accelerator;
  • Draft Action 11: Support agile experimentation of emerging digital technologies; and
  • Draft Action 13: Co-creating a business model approach for cities
  • Draft Action 15: Implementing Digital transition in European Cities.

Is anyone available to take 1hr with me tomorrow Thursday 15 March to divide and conquer feedback?

Ping @alberto