User story: Onboarding

(During our LOTE3 event at unMonastery Matera, we collected user stories for improving the website. This is one. You can find all of them under tag “project-userstories”.)

User story: “Alberto signs up, Chris welcomes him and the two stay in touch thereafter”

Alberto is looking at the website. He likes what he sees, so he decides to sign up. After going through the process, he receives a message of welcome. It is not an automated one: it comes from Chris, one of several edgeryders who take turn giving a welcome and offering initial orientation to new members. Chris volunteered for this because she wants to be part of a community in which people take care of each other and prevents burnout through fostering human relationships; she also gets some recognition for this work. Alberto, grateful, replies to her, and the two end up staying in touch.