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Hi Matthias,

The query does not work anymore. I need the list of people that have registered on this form for the follow up emails. When I type 14481 in the query, only two names appear. The same goes for this form and this one too.

You have to use the Discourse topic ID where the form submissions are posted here on the platform, not the ID of the Discourse topic defining the form questions. For the example of, you find the right ID as follows:

  1. Take the ID of the Discourse topic defining the form questions. For, that’s 14481.

  2. Visit Discourse topic 14481 by constructing its URL as follows:

  3. In that topic, find the topic ID of the output topic in this part "publish": { "topic": 14460 }. You can make sure that this is the topic you’re looking for by constructing its URL as above, and visiting it:

  4. Enter the output topic’s ID 14460 into the query page as discussed above.

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Thank you!

Follow-up question on multilingualism, in this case for an event that will happen in German for the Wellbeing projects cc (@Richard @Djan):

  1. Top priority:

Can I translate the consent form and use that for the event, both technically (@owen) and from a precedural/research (@amelia) point of view?

I created this form for a German event, and I’m worried the English consent form might keep some people from registering:

Is there any possibility that we shorten this part a bit? It seems a bit intimidating when you register and I just wanted to check if it’s absolutely necessary to ask the questions in this way?

If it must remain the same, then I wanted to make sure that it’s OK for me to translate and use that translation, or whether this translation has to go through some sort of review.

I can translate the text of course, just how would I get the translation into the form - could you help with this? I found this thread - should I add the translation there?

  1. High Priority:

Is it possible to edit/translate the confirmation e-mail that people get sent after registering? E.g. that it includes the event information again, and (this would be very helpful), tell them the username they signed up with and ask them to remember this to change their Zoom name during the event:

Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 10.56.47

  1. Medium Priority:

How do I configure those? Specifically the buttons for:

  • Submit
  • Save my answers (in the consent form, it doesn’t seem to be in the code here)
  1. Medium Priority:

Is there a way to change these English parts as well?

  1. Low priority
  • The footer " Terms of Participation & Privacy Policy" is in English
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Hi @hires, I still haven’t finished this yet, the post you linked to was my attempt to find the right format for translated consent forms. What you can do is copy that format and put the German text in a reply to the post, I will try to make some progress on it today.

You’ll need to ask Matt or Hugi this - I think they understand how that notification system works better than myself.

      "type": "submit",
      "text": "Send your answer"

That’s part of the consent form. Not translatable right now.

It can be, requires update.

The same.

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Hi @matthias, hi @hugi,

Do you know the best way that I can edit/adjust the E-mail that automatically gets sent to the people who register through the tell form?

Is it even possible to add to the e-mail the user name that the participant chose? (It would be great that they have a reminder in their inbox to look up on the date of the event, when we ask them to rename themselves on zoom to this username)

Finally, do/could previously registered participants also receive an automatic e-mail that they are registered to the event? That would be great!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Where do I put this? I didn’t see it in the code and putting it at the end breaks the form: Veranstaltung: Achtsamkeit für Anfänger:innen

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand what this means? When could such an update be done and what would this depend on?

It is possible, but the same email is sent to all who register at all Edgeryders platforms, so it needs to be kept very general. Do you have suggestions that could work with those constraints?

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OK, I see the challenge there… Would it maybe be possible to set a webhook with the form submission of just this one form that we could then connect with zapier to send an additional mail?

There is no such functionality right now, so no. In theory, @owen could build into the form software to have a field in the config with webhooks that are called on submission of a specific form. That sounds like just a few lines of code, if I’m scoping it right - but I have no idea how much @owen has on his plate now or what is currently priority.

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@hires - look at the default template.

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I have added it to the request list, as I’m focusing on the translation support for the consent form, I’ll do it alongside that in the next update, which I’m hoping will be ready to test tomorrow.

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This wouldn’t be too difficult to implement - I can probably fit it in the next update, but I think that’s the cap at the moment otherwise we’re pushing too many features at once.


Tried it again, and this time it worked. Not sure what happened the first time… thanks!

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I have uploaded the latest build here for testing.

Here is a list of what has changed:

  • The form picks up translations of the consent forms in this topic.
  • Each consent form translation uses an ISO code (“de” for German, “en” for English) to determine what language it is in.
  • When you create your form, you can set the default language using the ISO code as such in the form config:
"language": "de"
  • This will load the consent form in that language. It will also change the default text of non configurable text items such as “username” and “email” to the respective language. These translations are built into the application, so to add new ones means updating the application.

  • You can set a webhook URL in the form config, as such:

      "webhook": "",
  • Setting the webhook will ping that URL with the following JSON payload:
data: {
 email: the submitted email,
 username: the submitted username,
 form: the ID of the form
  • I have tested this with Zapier and it works fine, you can then use Zapier to pass that data on to an action.

  • There are two issues with doing this that need to be discussed (@hugi, @matthias ):

    • What this entails for GDPR, as we are now sending user data to a third party. If it requires another consent field, this could be added to the (already long) consent form.
    • This does not work for users who already have an account. As I understand it, there is no way of getting the email of an existing user through the API. So custom email notifications can only be sent to new user registrations.
  • You can configure the form link (at the top of the page), in the configuration as such:

"form_link": "Teilnehmen"

I have updated @hires form configuration with these changes so you can preview them here.

When this is ready and we’re ok with the changes made above, I can push them to the live site.


This is going to be useful! Great. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure, but as long is that data isn’t being stored, but just used to send an email through another service we control, that doesn’t sound like too much of an issue with GDPR? @matthias?

Thank you @owen!

We have the GO from Alberto, is there anything else you need before you can push it live? :slight_smile:

Does edgeryders have a Zapier account we could use for this (the free version doesn’t seem to allow webhooks)?

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Hi @owen, sorry if you are very busy - but just wanted to check in quickly if you know when you can push this update live? Thank you!

Hi @hires - yes, I’ve moved it over and your form is here -

If you have questions there’ll be a support call on Monday - Weekly Dev Clinic - Monday 15/03/21