Using the Future

Using the Future is an experimental initiative organised by Unesco in collaboration with Edgeryders

Participants contribute thought leadership articles to one or more learning goals for Using the Future and meet to discuss the contents over a series of 5 video-conferences lasting 1 hour. The articles and discussions are documented and curated into a digital publication as a foundation for future collaborations and partnerships. Everyone participates on volunteer basis as a shared investment into developing new knowledge and opportunities to do interesting, meaningful work together.

How you can participate:

As a Curator: This is an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned from the bleeding edge of different fields, as well as how they apply to your work and organisation. Time commitment: 11 hours spread over preparing and participating in 6 virtual meetings scheduled in advance.

As a Contributor: To prepare we invite you to share relevant experiences and lessons learned from your work and life in the form of an article of no more than 2000 words for publication on It does not need to be original content, we only ask that it is relevant to the topic for that week. This is a good opportunity to shape and be involved in novel collaborations emerging out of the conversation. Time commitment: don’t spend more than a couple of hours on the article if you don’t already have one that can be edited down to below 1500 words.

As a Partner organisation: You get to position yourself at the center of a global interdisciplinary conversation and collaborations with a broad range of stakeholders. Regardless of how you wish to be involved we ask that you/your organisation starts by following the usinthefuture twitter and  sharing 1-3 status updates/day. Contact for more information on partnership opportunities.

To get started just register an account for yourself here, and then post your contributions in this group (

P.s. Our Terms of Use, legals and Privacy statement are available here.

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