Using the Kanban Board here on Discourse

We have now installed the Kanban Board theme component here on

So far, it is enabled only for the “OCI Lab → Workspace” and shown when clicking on the “Board” tab after visiting that category’s page. We can set up similar boards for other categories when this test is successful …

The Kanban board has some bugs, but they are manageable:

  • The filter button at the top left does not apply its changes. It only changes the URL in the browser’s address bar, so one has to click into the address bar and press Enter to see the changes.

  • Same thing for clicking on the “Board” tab, except that it works the first time after visiting the category’s page.

  • The setting to make the board view the default on the category’s page does not work. So it’s always "visit category, click “Board”.

Next thing: @nadia, let me know the set of tags that you want the board to use in its first category. This can be configured differently for different categories, but if it’s about tasks then we should try to find a standard. It’s usually the lifecycles of a task, such as: new, in-progress, completed. Try to keep the tags at 5 or fewer.


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If you need boards for other projects than OCI Lab, let me know. Please don’t let people mix all tasks into the one board that’s available right now … it would make a mess.

ok since you are ALOT better at ontology, what do you suggest for tags @matthias?

oki. This is great Matt, thank you!

For my own tasks, I use something like this for years, without changes:

  • New. I don’t have this but it makes sense in a collaborative system for tasks that have not yet been sorted in properly.
  • Potential. Ideas for tasks, might not be realized eventually.
  • Current. Tasks currently worked on.
  • Waiting. Tasks that cannot progress right now because they are somehow blocked.
  • Finished. Everything finished, whether discarded or actually done.
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ok we stick with this!

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ok so when I go to the board view lots of posts appear - how do we set it up so that only posts with certain tags appear on the kanban board for the parent category?

But they do not appear in the board. They appear below it – just the regular view of the category. The board is a more comfortable view for this, showing only the topics tagged a certain way.

The complete list of topics is still useful, for example because not all topics in a workspace category will be tasks. Or to see topics sorted in a different way, such as by most recent change or by views. I’d keep it this way.

Ok, I have set things up like this. A bit modified from my original proposal: “blocked” instead of “waiting” to make it more intuitive what this is about; removing “potential” because it is not much different from “new”; and splitting “finished” into “done” and “discarded” to be able to find discarded tasks for reuse easier.

I have set it up so that only one of these tags can be used at the same time, so a task will only appear in one column of the board. Plus, these tags are reserved for the Kanban Board categories now, so they have a clear meaning.

Happy experimenting … let me know how it goes.