Utopianlab: a story of a coworking spaced

A coworking space is basically a community of people who have their own space to work and to evolve as professionals. It’s pretty much like Orwell’s Animal farm where the animals own the farm after getting rid of the farmers. Territory changes your status dramatically: a group of people who own territory suddenly become a nation, a nation that controls its territory becomes a sovereign state. Now imagine an independent community of professionals who have their own space to work, they are their own employers. Only a decade ago this was hard to imagine, many would even say it’s a utopia. But only in a few years hundreds of coworking spaces have emerged around the world. Nevertheless, starting a coworking space can be still an almost impossible challenge, especially when you are not a business man. Utopianlab, for instance, was founded by three freelancers with no business experience, and faced many challenges in the past few months. But it survived until now and continues to dream about something that far bigger than what we have now.

Date: 2014-10-24 10:30:00 - 2014-10-24 10:30:00, Europe/Rome Time.

URL: http://cowork.utopianlab.am/


Meetup with Andrea

Hey, do you have pictures of the space to share?

Now that you’re coming to Matera you should definitely check out Casa Netural, not too far from the unMonastery. @andrea.paoletti is probably in town and might give you a tour of the house.

Last time we spoke here you were struggling in between a freelancing job and building Utopian Lab, have things improved since? I surely hope so…