Venues for plenary meetings and large gatherings

Upon reflection I think it’s a good idea to hold the plenary in different venues, so that the burden of traveling (for some people sometimes up to 2 x 45 minutes) can rotate in the group.

I created a document (internal link) with all the information that I have about possible venues for the plenary meetings.

Everybody who has further information or who could spare some time to do some further research is very welcome to complete the file (@Sophie_Beese feel welcome but don’t feel obliged eh :wink:).

For now we are good for September (l’Echappée), and if everybody is fine with using my living room, we can also cover October if need be. So this task is not urgent, but nevertheless very useful.

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Thank you for launching the thread, Lie :slight_smile:
I am in touch with someone from Maxima (added to the file) who agreed in principle to having us but asked me about dates, the size of the group and - obviously - our budget. They have a “salle de réunion” which fits 15-20 people and costs between 2 and 50 euros per hour. Should I ask for November and plead for a “prix symbolique pour les habitant.e.s du quartiers”?

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Thanks a lot @Sophie_Beese! To be honest it seems a bit small (I also don’t understand whether it seats 15 people or 20?), so maybe we can try for the plenaries of October, when our group will be at the smallest?

Ok, sounds like a plan! I’ll ask about October and also enquire how many people the room actually fits. Budget-wise: Should I suggest 10 euros for the evening?

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I would call for “team autonomy” on this one. If 10 euro seems right to you, then that’s what I would go for.

And then, maybe when we prepare a proposal on an annual budget (just an idea), maybe Team Logistics can make an estimate on how much money we should foresee on an annual basis?

Hi there,
answer from Jamila for the next plenary:
Nous avons eu l’accord du cabinet de Madame la Bourgmestre au sujet de votre demande pour l’occupation d’un local le 19 mars 2024
Je vous ai réservé le local 5
Bien à vous,
Jamila Sanhaji

*Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale *

Huis van Culturen en Sociale Samenhang

02/412 12 28

But It seems that the decision is to meet at Caro and Quentin’s place so I will cancel MCCS after getting some for your reactions.

I just need to know the process of decision making for this kind of organisation. Is Dave, as the coordinator of team logistic, the good person to ask?

Thanks, have a good day!


Hi Aline,

It’s indeed @Dave_behave who is the master wizard of the venues.

It’s up to you all to see how to sort this out, but the easier solution in this case seems to hold on to our invitation at @Caro and @Quentin’s place, and use the Molenbeek venue that you invested in?

Can you maybe contact each other on Signal and take a decision?