Very important: there is a second registration!

… and it is easy to overlook. [AD_admin] and [LucasG] read carefully!

Once registration is completed, and before you can send in the application, you need to create an account on the 100 Resilient Cities site. It works like this:

  • go to the signup page.
  • register, using the email of the initiali registrant. You need to enter a password.
  • they (not you) receive an automated response containing a link. They need to click on it to validate the account creation.
  • at this point you should be able to access the online application form via login.

Please, take steps NOW to avoid last minute scambling, with a fully written application form that goes past the deadline because the account has not been created… it would be a nightmare!

Noted…Thank you…

Noted, said, and link sent

But of course I’ll follow up.

Thanks, Alberto!