VERY URGENT - DSI Fair: content to send before Dec. 12th (!)

Hello, we just received an e-mail from Fabrizio Sestino to announce the content of the upcoming DSI fair in Feb (full content below).

  • The organisers want examples of community engagement on sustainability topics, using networking technologies (social networks, IoT, open source, open data, open hardware).
  • We are listed among the projects that are to appear in a workshop for Public Services based on Collaborative Innovation (along with these projects: Power, Open4citizens, PieNews, Socratic, Comrades, CAP4Access). 
  • We must submit a contribution to our workshop (just 1-2 pages, preferably with pictures) that will be posted on the DSI website to stimulate comments.
  • Key topics: engaging citizens, moving from awareness to action, achieving sustainability, measuring impact, protecting privacy and ethics, defining better research and innovation priorities.
  • We can contribute to the other workshops as well if we want.  
  • Best presentations will be selected for publication by Springer in the proceedings from the event.
  • The organizers also expect participants who developed prototypes to demonstrate their artifacts to the public
  • Each project must submit a clear poster A0-size 

The deadline for this initial posting of ideas is next Monday 12 December at noon. (!)

Who wants and/or can participate on behalf of opencare ? @melancon / @Alberto / @Noemi@Costantino / @zoescope /@markomanka@Lakomaa / @tino-sanandaji@Rossana Torri / @Franca

Dear coordinators of CAPS projects,

As you know, the Digital Social Innovation Fair - DSI Fair 2017 - will take place in Rome (Italy), 1-2 February. Its main purpose is to showcase (and publicly discuss) the most interesting and concrete results from the 36 CAPS projects we’ve funded insofar.

At a moment where new priorities are being defined for the new research programmes, I consider this event as a turning point for the definition of possible continuations of CAPS and its approach (for instance, within the Next Generation Internet initiative).

This is why I count on all and each of you to identify, within your running activities, the most concrete an attractive cases of “digital social innovation” which can be effectively presented during the event. Please refrain from any generic project description, partners’ promotion, or virtual plans – we want concrete examples of engagement of real communities on hot sustainability topics, thanks to the innovative usage of networking technologies (social networks, IoT, open source, open data, open hardware).

Below you’ll find a revised list of the workshop titles (which has evolved from previous meetings, in order to reflect the areas currently covered by CAPS projects), as well as suggestions for the projects who could/should contribute in each of them. Please take these just as suggestions, and feel free to submit contributions (also more than one) to different workshops, as you think best fits. Your “success stories” will be key to learn about how to engaging citizensmoving from awareness to actionachieving sustainabilitymeasuring impactprotecting privacy and ethicsdefining better research and innovation priorities.

  1. Open Democracy & Policy Making (Empatia, Profit, WEB-COSI, D-CENT, Catalyst…)
  2. Collaborative Consumption and the Sharing Economy (ChainReact, Asset, Crowd4roads, SavingFood2.0, Capsella, …)
  3. Collective Sensing and Action (Hackair, Captor, Stars4all, Decarbonet, MAZI, …)
  4. Collaborative Making, Art and Creativity (Make-it, ShakerMaker, Making Sense, …)
  5. Innovation and Internet Science: redesigning Research & Innovation (Netcommons, Nextleap, P2PValue, USEMP, DSI4EU, CHEST, IA4SI, DECODE, …)
  6. Public Services based on Collaborative Innovation (Power, OpenCare, Open4citizens, PieNews, Socratic, Comrades, CAP4Access, …)

Please submit your proposals (just 1-2 pages, preferably with pictures) to Monique (in copy); they will then be publicly posted on the new conference website to stimulate comments and then to finally select the ones which will be presented (and also published by Springer in the proceedings from the event). The deadline for this initial posting of ideas is next Monday 12 December at noon (please let me know of any possible problems in coping with this).

We are also launching a call for the best boots: in Rome there is a possibility to present up to 10-12 concrete demonstrations, the ones which have something “touchable” to show and play with, which cannot be done simply through a website or a poster. Please let us know as well about this, at your earliest opportunity. We anyway expect a clear poster A0-size for each project (which I would expect is already part of your dissemination strategy).

Of course any costs related to participation to the event, writing of papers and setting up of demonstrations are fully eligible within your projects. In case your project has already ended, please let me know as –thanks to the precious support of Chic and DSI4EU- we might be able to provide limited funding to make sure you are present!

Thanks a lot and looking forward to hearing from you all very soon!

Kind regards,



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