Video interview with Fabrizio Barca during #lote4


During #lote4 @SamMuirhead shot a series of interviews of the curators. In this one he asked Fabrizio Barca, Director General of the Italian Ministry of Treasury a few questions.

Fabrizio Barca at LOTE4 from Edgeryders on Vimeo.

One of the examples he raises during the interview is @Ben’s story about @jordan’s work in a suburb of Stockholm. It’s cited as an example of how you can really trigger larger changes in your neighborhood through small efforts over time, even as an individual.

My thoughts are

  1. it’s validation of the importance of the work everyone has done and continues to do in gathering the case studies

  2. it points out the importance of getting into the details of how things are made to happen, step by step, and the reasoning behind.

  3. we could try to make case studies adventures part of future endeavors, or even a continuous thread throughout Edgeryders, and try to find ways to make it worthwhile for the people who submit the cases (and the ones who take the time to share their experiences).

Stewardship in relation with the state

The thing I most appreciated from having Fabrizio over was the chance to get an insider’s perspective of how stewardship can be looked at from a state perspective… particularly his distinction between initiatives taking on the Buzz off approach, where you have an absent state, or Make a deal approach when collaboration (or infiltration) happens. As we have learned from Edgeryders 1 and work at the Council of Europe, institutions are not black boxes, they’re made of people with their own constraints. So that, for me, is something to remember when talking about sustainability of stewardship initiatives and bigger impact on society’s behavior.