Video Production Session Documentation

Documentation from this session led by [Sam Muirhead]

Tips for shooting

  • don't shoot entire sessions, just visuals. the more people collaborate, the easier it is to come up with good video People can deal with
  • bad visuals, moving and out-of-focus cameras, but bad audio kills the experience.
  • before pressing record, look around you - is there better light nearby? a better background? a sheltered space with no wind? if so, move there and then shoot.
  • if you're filming during \#lote3 check with people if they want to be shown, or signal filming spots!

Structuring a workflow

  • Use a dropbox folder to put media files in once you shot something: we'll be using the repository for collaborative editing:
  • at OuiShare Fest people used this app to add their short videos to a collaborative project: