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riel miller from Edgeryders on Vimeo.

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Hey one and all

This is not really very good.  I don’t answer the questions and as I look at the responses I’m not very tight or to the point on the issues I’m trying to address.  I’m not saying that explaining “using the future” or anticipatory universe or walking on two legs or what is Futures Literacy are not important to explain. Just that I don’t think I’ve nailed it in this interview - there are pieces, but it doesn’t add up - and is too long.  By the way the punch line of the walking on two legs and building capacity is Futures Literacy, which either I didn’t mention or got cut - I seem to recall mentioning it, but probably not at the right moment.

I don’t know how you want to handle making this better…



Hi Riel, no cuts were made, tonight we are gonna post the second part of your interview, where you probably talk about it!

Taking into consideration all your tips we are already working on laying down a script from your speeches. (take a 1 hour speech, cutting and sewing it to make a 5 minutes speech full of meaning it’s not that easy but still it’s our job so we know how to do it!)