Videographer From Beirut

The Creation of a community in Lebanon has started!

I am Bachar Khattar, a Director of photography based in Lebanon who became a videographer and hopefully a documentary maker and movies later.

After Nadia’s visit to Lebanon, we decided to start a series of interviews with key people / changemakers and ask them 3 main questions. So the shooting has started and here is a link of each new member. You get to see their full interview later (in process). (You should receive the external hard disk next week.) Please let me know what do you think about the community so far.

  • Muriel and Denise: “Zyara” makers, a web series, two seasons available (scroll down to watch the episode on this link). A lovely interview of almost an hour each.

  • Deyna: (One of the founders of Haven for Artists.) Their mission is to expose artists and support them to freely showcase their art forms, while working to inspire more artists and form an expressive community for everyone. Very intense interview.

  • Dar Onboz: The motivation of Dar Onboz is a passion for books, art, music, animations, films, performances, story telling, and a love of the Arabic language. A continuous quest to unravel the mysteries of childhood and a firm conviction in wanting to make a difference in the quality of life of the young and old through art and culture.
      Dar Onboz celebrates teamwork and the importance of art in our lives, it is a house that believes in books as a tool for change and in playing as a form of growth.
    With every project we create we hope to reconnect you with your senses, all of your senses.
      Great loving interview around an hour with Nadine.

  • M. Christine Tayyah: a great sensitive journalist, creator of feuilles blanches (covering all kind of arts). Fastest interview so far (10 min).

  • Ziad Abi Chaker: a multi-disciplinary engineer who specializes in building Municipal Recycling Facilities on the communal level… to read more check this link. Interview on the 1 August.

  • Kasem istanbouli: Actor, Director Kasem is from Tyr (sour) south of Lebanon, following his father and grand father faith and love to the cinema and theatre. He decided to work on reopening all the theatres in Lebanon to bring back joy and life to the people. he works for free and he offers theatre and cinema for free as he does festivals.
      He doesnt like Beirut, organising a festival in August in Nabatiyeh. He is a true change maker, he is making a change with peoples support and coordinations. he is working in places were politics is highly present and still making his way.
      We had a nice serious interview of 20 min, but he is still checking edgeryders OpenVillage website to get his total confirmation. He is not easy with coordinating with strangers, and I only met him once.

  • Stephanie Audi: has a study about cleaning the sea. i will meet her and know more about it, she is very interested of joining the community. As she is an outdoor activities lover.

  • Lina Ksaifi: I think she got sick of having an NGO and she might be interested go moving forward with her idea. I will make sure if that is true. Her focus on building a “normal” correct way on how the relation with any domestic worker should be. (Lebanon is still a racist country considering this topic.)

  • Henry loussian: Collector and hand made jewellery designer. Meeting with him tomorrow.

  • Cynthia Choucair: Performer clown, in refugee camps sometimes. I will get to meet her on Saturday.

  • Noir Barakat: Photographer director, his art is very much related to death, as he is obsessed by it. he has his own philosophy of life and some great picture. Intense interview, great artist.

  • Zeina Daccach: (Also, her Facebook profile.) Still waiting for her call, she is pretty busy this week.

Let me know how much you are interested, we were talking about meeting in a workshop on the 23 of September, I am ready to change dates if you would like to meet everyone in august instead. As I will share their emails with the interviews later this week. I need your support to keep moving forward.


A fascinating group of people. How did you find them? Do you already know some of them, friends of friends, they answered a call for participants…?

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Exactly some of them are close friends and friends of friends. So I made the interviews with them so Edgeryders can be in touch with them for further informations. most of them are participants but i am sure they would need guidance, or they would be more interested after we all meet in September. They know about us now! :wink:


I can’t believe you used the photo ahahahahahahah !!! Notice anything special @johncoate? :joy:
Ping @hazem.

So what do you think? Do you need these rushes? Do you want to help these people joining the platform and tell them how to use it?
Hope my picture didn’t distract you :stuck_out_tongue:

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which picture?

Hello @bachar_khattar, welcome from me too. I will not be much involved in this project, but wanted to throw out a word of welcome and encouragement all the same. Keep on keepin’ on. :slight_smile:

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Just met a young Belgian architect / artist who is cycling around the world, in Dahab - Egypt. He is a pleasant ‘human’. He would be visiting Lebanon soon. I thought he might be able to meet with some of you, and learn about your work @DeniseJabbour @MurielAboulrouss @Dayna_Ash and others. I will share with him this page. I hope to meet you too one day! :slight_smile: