Viral Academy at unMo1 and unMo2


I’ve been appointed your liaison person here at the house.  We’d like to get particulars as to the areas under your leadership during our closing weeks down on virtual paper as soon as possible.

Local opinion has it that our Ben made a good natured error in agreeing to your postponement for your public demonstration of the KungFu Club without consulting with the rest of us.  We’ll honour it, but by that time of our final official month almost all our attention will be focussed upon moving our centre of operations to the unMo Satellite in Piccianello.  We get the keys to our desired building by the fruit market tomorrow, and are hoping to have moved a good deal of the furniture and functional set up during the next week.

To further complicate matters, we have only two people at the house the day of your arrangement - Mark and I.  So if you are anticipating up to 150-300 people to drop by during the run of the day, you’ll have to provide a solid set-up, arrangement crew and clean up brigade. I’d suggest that you go to the perhaps extreme of printing up t-shirts so that they are clearly identifiable.

As I recall the advantage for moving the event to a Saturday was that you could start early and hold the outdoor demonstrations in daylight.   From our experience at the Grande Opening this sounds like an after lunch start - say 1500.  How do you foresee structuring the day?

The house would like to limit our exposure to unknown elements and close off the sleeping areas.  This leaves the public floor available for your demonstrations of streamed teaching and kitchen etc.  It also means that we’ll lift the hygienic constraints on downstairs loo2, if you agree to wash it down afterwards.  What kind of use of the kitchen have you imagined, and do you still think that a five hour event is long enough?

Welcome to bring the mats by a day or so ahead of time.

The other disadvantage with your postponement is that it seemingly impinges upon the Virtual KuFung contribution that you have sketched as part of your activities on the 23rd/24th to ‘Map Matera #1- Piccianello’ (as it seems to be now called).  Getting the club to drag out their mobile mats two weekends after one another seems to risk diluting the force of a public demonstration - they are most welcome but the program is filling up fast and the thematic connection to VA’s teaching strategies should be underlined as a major selling point.  Your offer of using the mats for our children’s gathering is something we’d like to take you up upon; rough details in our program are coming together soon we are looking at after school Monday for the child’s course in bombe di semi and urban land occupation.

From the point of view of cohesion in the unMonastery project profile your presence during the market days is of much more value than holding a one-off event to promote the club down in the sassi.  The media interface available at Piccianello should also provide added value for the club.  What I understood to be your suggestion of starting the VA three-festival model by coordinating a mobile radio sending from the Piccianello site is also interesting, but please let us know soon. ( Program to be finalised by the weekend.)

The communication with the University has thrown us for a loop, people can vaguely remember committing to having the soundscape evening at the unMo, but we would have at least mildly protested had it clearly been on the table during our last coordination meeting with them that determined how their seminar elegantly folds into our Piccianello days.  We do however value our cooperation with them and see the wisdom of putting it in the best space for the musicians.  It is great that you are taking the lead on this and are in communication with them as to technical specifications.  However, again the timing is horrendous: we are still intending to have our dress rehearsal for the Picc events that evening and need the media rig out there for at least the house’s four presentations.  We’ll have to use your equipment at one end or another.*  This split will require that the university has to supply front of house people etc.; I’ll take this up directly with Silvana tomorrow.  Can we leave the technical support/lighting and seating rig for the concert up to you?

  • I suggest that the equipment that people are most familiar with goes with us to unMo2.

The other moments that we are slotting in this time frame include hosting up to 15 people for a three day collaborative project development workspace under de Waag, a storytelling workshop, and the descent of the first coder-dojo presence in the house which all fall within our lead-up week, so you can appreciate how fine tuned we’d like everything to be.

Brotherly Love,



Sorry about this yellow stuff, it won’t go away.

I’ve been waiting for your response to the above.

Kei has sent me the sketch of your program for the Kung-fu /Matera Media Project day which extends greatly my suggestion as outlined above.

It is still do-able, but I’d like your assurances that it won’t impede upon our other activities, and that you agree to something akin to my suggestion as to the minimum crew to make things run smoothly.

As I read the program you are offering an open dinner to everyone (all participants?, the public) at 21:30.

Our experience this past week is that our kitchen can effectively manage up to twenty - this has required many active cooks who know the kitchen and with people bringing generously their own contributions.

Your operations needn’t be so elaborate - especially if you only use our oven for re-heating (you know the fuse limits).   However, since you’ve given indications of 150-300 people, I’d like to get an idea of how you are thinking of solving this before you put out the brochure.

(Did you get the note from Gaia that the Italian isn’t up to scratch and that the Month is wrong?)

Please don’t print anything until we’ve agreed.

As regards the Viral Academy presence at the Map Piccianello activities at the Marketplace - things are falling into line.  We are still having our regular meeting shortly that you are welcome to come to at 1800.  If you weren’t planning on attending, any written notification would be appreciated as well.

If the Viral KungFu crowd are still coming, we definitely have use for your mats.  How heavy are the individual pieces, and do you think three or four of us plus a horde of youngsters could assemble them in the run of half an hour? - I suspect we’ll have more than enough helpful hands, but it is best if the kids do it themselves.

( I’ve tried e-post without response:  spotted you here just now)

jo David;
Yesterday's visit with your crew was a most pleasant one.

Can we get confirmation of your/VA’s contribution for the Picc activities?  Our program is filling up and become compressed by that ol’ bugaboo Reality.  If you want to retain your spots, you have to speak up now.

According to Katalin, you’ve agreed to:

1)   run VA mapping tools workshop(s)* at unMon2 before the unGuide walks.
  1. stage Kung-fu events in the old marketplace throughout the day (morning, noon, evening.)

[-- I’ve only taken a quick drive by look here - is there a suitable spot?-- BD ]

  1. help Saverio in launching local currency* (“he kind of did this, he had some good ideas to involve the kids and use the freebies we have for the event to introduce it, but Saverio needs to be allowed a voice in this.”)

In addition you remain the liasion man with the UiBas as regards the soundscape unveiling at the unMo1 on the Thursday.

Have I missed anything?  We have a meeting w the Comitato’s PR dept later today, and things will start a rollin’.

Is this everything?

*We are not pinning things down to times at this point unless there are major external factors.  We’ll put things in clumps of similar focal lengths.

Please answer,

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