viral Linkedin, X and Facebook post to help the scouting movement

In a recent plenary we discussed about a post in Linkedin (and other social networks) in order to announce to all our digital network that we are looking for a land that is at least 1500 square meters in one of the Brussels 19 communes.

Once it’s published. I would like to make a request to the solidarity of all reeflings to click like or comment that post so that it goes viral and it increases our changes to be seen by more people.

where publish this ?

@manuelpueyo will publish on Linkedin and X
@janet on facebook.

Draft post

:herb: Exciting News! :earth_africa: The Reef, our non-profit, is on the lookout for a minimum 1500 sqm land in brussels for a groundbreaking cohousing project! :house_with_garden: Join us in this quest for sustainable living. Your network’s eyes are invaluable. Please take a minute and think if there is a spot in your area: and old factory, an abandoned office building, or empty piece of land. Together, we can make this vision a reality! :eyes::seedling: #TheReefProject #BrusselsCohousing #CommunityLiving #SustainableFuture

visual support

@manuelpueyo holding an map of brussels


Great! Thanks!
Will you give us a date on when to do that all at the same time?

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yes! i will give you a publication date once we agree on the post . feel free to add suggestions or improvement ideas here


Shall we translate the post in french and Flemish as well?? Or will that not be very postable?


Hi @manuelpueyo,

The X-mas break is coming up soon now. Do you think you can still get this going before that?


yes! i am on it, i created a calendar event to publish the post on 19 december at 10:00, i will send some messages to everyone with instructions. @Janet

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i did not manage to find the time to take a new picture. I will use an image from our maps folder

Nextcloud/The Reef shared folder/Team Building/Scouting exercise/Maps/Maps from Joris S

@manuelpueyo the maps you are referring to were sent to us as part of a private conversation, so I would prefer they don’t make it to the outside world.

Can you find another picture somewhere?

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Linkedin post

X post

Facebook post in our page at The Reef - cohousing in Brussels