Virtual Cafe Wednesday 23 October at 18:00 - updates on the events in PL, CZ and SRB

Hi all,
A reminder of our call this week. We will be using our usual room on zoom.
Both team members and community members are welcome to join!
See you there!

Ping @natalia_skoczylas @AskaBednarczyk @Jirka_Kocian @kuba_svehla @zalesjan @TamaraVuk @jasen_lakic @Richard :slight_smile:

What I want to discuss:

What about you, do you want to add anything to the agenda?

dear all,

I will participate this call but I have in the same time a meeting for organization of my November event where I want to discuss the details.

Therefore I split. Till 7, I ll be available for the Virtual Caffe ( can also start earlier ). From 7 I will join the discussions of the local event committee.

Is that all right?

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of course, thanks!

I won’t be able to attend this VC meeting as I have a meeting IRL in Oxford. But the good news to report is that the amendment to the Grant Agreement has been approved by the Commission and sent to UCL to sign, which we have done. Once the Commission has countersigned, we can start advertising for the new positions.

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Great! This will be for next year. I hope they re aware that the timeline we proposed in March/ May earlier this year doesn’t stand, months later.
Congrats though!