Virtual Cafe Wednesday 9 October -exceptionally scheduled for 19:00 Brussels time

Due to conflicting schedules on our Zoom account, and other meetings happening tomorrow at 5 PM and 6 PM, we will meet an hour later, hope it’s OK for everyone?
Same place:

NB: @natalia_skoczylas @jasen_lakic again gentle reminder for you who are hosting earlier to free up the room after 1 hour :slight_smile: thank you!

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@AskaBednarczyk ja nie mogę, ale może Ty dasz radę - zobaczysz jak Serbowie i Czesi planują u siebie.

Update from the Team call 9th October – 19:00:

Noemi started with presenting official way (opportunity) how to get people involved through official landing page of ER ( or through „Deep dive form“ ( – in future perspective for public announcing this is sophisticated way how to get emails and other information from participants. And on the other hand participants could ask questions to the Local connectors through online form or by email. If there will be anybody attracted they can ask for help with creating their own page with translated forms… If so, put a comment with request here within the Workspace and the following process will be discussed more. It could be used also Google forms with some nice photo, …

Tamara are translating the „Get your ticket“ from Edgeryders landing page for Serbians – how to create an account, how to join a Festival, sign up form… All other countries can do that also, but they can also do it in their own way… Jirka and Kuba are counting on spreading the info and invitation to the festival in Prague by word-of-mouth and with virtual spread by Facebook event… Kuba will post a new topic in the workspace with proposed date, timing and some basic info about ER fest in Prague and when everybody will agree on „how the nice invitation could looks like“ he will create official invitation on platform as well as on Facebook.

Kuba asked about the length of the stories – new members can post at first whateever what they would like – start with introducing themselves with one paragraph and they can continue with questions, comments… Just freely start to write and then start collaborating further (with full story, commenting, and so on…). Next question was about posting photos to the stories so the „Upload“ button should be highlighted in manuals for participants. Last question was about „GDPR“ – posting some comments (part of some story) from public discussions reachable nowadays on the internet – for the coders will be helpful to all the time distinguish, what is quote from somebody else and what is „original source“ from member.

Next Wednesday, there will not be virtual cafe on Zoom, the next time will be on Wednesday 23th October (now planned for usual time – starts at 6PM Brussels time). Within the next two weeks we are communicating through Workspace primarily.

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