Visit to Casa Nova on Saturday 4/02

Hi @reeflings ,
We are invited to visit Casa Nova on 4/02 ar 4pm.
Yet another opportunity to learn and brainstorm! Yay!!

They can accommodate up to 40 people in their salle polyvalente, so no restriction on numbers.

The visit to Schoonship should be the following Saturday, so it’s a lot of reef related activity at once, but that’s the date they have proposed…

Let me know below if you will or might join.



Count me in!

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I’m in!

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For those who wouldn’t be available on the 4th of February, it might also be possible to go on Tuesday 17/01 (I’m waiting for confirmation that we can join for both…)

In both cases, there is a document to fill so that they know how may people will join. I’ll share it in an email as it contains private information.
@Lara @Nic : can you fill it up too?


So yes to being able to go visit either on Tuesday 17th of january at 8.30pm or Saturday 4th of February at 4pm… Just sign in (see my private message).
The address is:
Rue Goossens 17-19
1030 Schaerbeek

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I am interested. Can you send me the information?

I thought I sent it already but apparently not.
I’ve just resent it to all reeflings… let me know if you still don’t get anything…

I’m in for the 4th… have filled in the Excel sheet :slight_smile:

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I’m in for Feb 4th ! Thank you for organising this!

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Im signing up for the 17th! Guess I will be the only reefling that day :smiley:

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Remember to sign in for the day you want to go (see my private message). There might be info coming in, and that way you’ll receive it directly (I’m not keeping a close eye on my email box, there is a big risk I would fwd the info too last mn…)
@lenaftng, @ClaudiaPr : could you fill it in?

Ah yes, I had signed up directly in the Excel, and have also already received some direct info :slight_smile: Thank you for setting all this up @Sarah, it really is so nice to be able and go and visit all these other cohousings!

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Hi @Sarah! @Leonard and I would be interested in joining too, is that still possible? (We have made the request for associate membership last week, if that is a criterion!) Thank you!

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Ping @reef-building and @reef-finance: this visit is promising to be interesting because they have a similar philosophy compared to The Reef when it comes to sharing their multi-purpose room with the neighbourhood. Maybe one of you can also get some details out of them on why they chose a foundation as a legal structure?


@BarbaraG : Yes for sure, everybody still welcomed! Just fill in the excel sheet, I’ll resend you the link.

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@Sarah I didn’t receive a PM from you regarding extra information. You you please send it? Thank you :slight_smile:

There was no extra info, it was just the link to sign up, but you’re already on it :slight_smile:

Hi all,

We’ve been there with Manuel as we wanted to rent an apartment there and got a private tour :slight_smile: so i guess we will miss it this time, but really worth seeing!

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Heyo, a bit late here but would it be okay if I joined as well @Sarah ? If there’s a strict limit to the amount of visitors please let me know :slight_smile:

No it shouldn’t be a PB! I’ll let them know!