VOIP call on the next steps for OpenEthnographer

Today @Matthias , @melancon , @danohu , Jason and myself met to discuss this. @Amelia could not make it but sent a memo. We ended up creating issues on GitHub for the next steps. The very first things to be done:

  1. Dan will fix a small bug and deploy an earlier pull request, before this weekend.  
  2. Alberto and Amelia will have a call to further specify two of the issues. 

status update

I’ve done the first set of super-urgent fixes:

  • You can now anotatate challenge responses, like other comments
  • Autocomplete will show all tags, not just your own. This should remove the "disappearing codes" problem
  • I have merged and enabled the openethnographer sidebar

There are some problems with the sidebar:

and looking forward

I’m now busy with other things until Monday. Then there are 2 straightforward fixes I’ll get into – from Amelia’s list:

  1. Ability to tag multiple tags without having to exit bubble. (Right now I type in the tag, hit save, and then must re-highlight that text in order to tag it again. )

  2. Easy way to delete coding