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only by working together we can make the magic happen!

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This is the volunteer dashboard:

where do you fit in?

 Behind-the-scenes coordination - Click here

join the Location Managers

These community members will welcome the attendees and make sure everyone is having a good time… a really fundamental task! :slight_smile:

do you like media stuff?

Photo Coverage

These members will document with amazing pictures what’s happening in every session. They’ll build the visual memories of the event, no small deal!

Video reporting

Conduct short video interviews with other participants, upload them on the web in real-time (we’ll provide all the needed hardware)

Social Media

Live blogging, tweeting and all what’s needed to keep the buzz going. There can never be enough of this, so  come help!

what else? you name it!

We’re open to any kind of wild ideas and talenets you might have to improve the experience.

hei, can we have access to the former blog admin page?

this page doesn’t look good,  I saved the code somewhere else until we can do smth with it, but need to access the css classes and id’s in the former blog to see what’s in there and what we can keep.

Here it is

…same login data as before: http://lote.edgeryders.eu/wp-login.php