Volunteering opportunity at Kathmandu (call closed)

This is an invitation as well as call for volunteers for those who are in Kathmandu. Run for North Kathmandu has been going on annually for last 3 years in a row. It is a marathon in the outskirts of kathmandu valley where we have been planning to develop a cycling trail as it’s a beautiful place near Kathmandu which is extremely rich in culture too.

One can enjoy an escape from monotonous life at Kathmandu at least for a span of 2 weeks, and that too for a noble cause. Funds that have been raised through these marathon events previously, is being used in providing scholarships for deserving children who belong to economically deprived families around Tarakeshwar municipality.

Volunteers will be given specific areas around Tarakeshwar for promoting the event. The event promotion campaign will incorporate community outreach sessions which can be made as creative as possible by volunteer themselves. Foreign volunteers can use these community outreach sessions to carry out work (surveys, documentary, etc.) of their own, simultaneously.

So,if anybody is interested to visit Tarakeshwar and make use of this volunteering opportunity or even for participation, please go through the contact details above . If your friends are in Kathmandu, you can mention them in the comments below.

Event date : 4th November 2017

P.S. This can be an event where we can meet and discuss about our ideas as well. @anu


Hi Sabin :slight_smile: this looks like a lot of fun. Maybe @Shei or @anu know people who might be interested. Possibly also @natalia_skoczylas or @dipti_sherchan


Hello @sabin. So nice to have you here and getting invitations for wonderful initiations. I would love to join and be part of it (not sure if i can commit for all mention days but may be for few days,sure). Yes, I would be delighted to meet you and share ideas. I will call you this Friday (tomorrow) Keep Shining :slight_smile: