Vote for "the 10000€ house"

Hello to all of you,

today I have to ask you a special favour. I keep a projct running named “the 10000 euro house”, that intends to provide healthy and sustainable housing for poor people threatended by homelessness. Now I suceeded in entering the “Ecologic” promotional contest organized and sponsored by toyota for ideas on a better future. And I have a chance to win and forward my project if I get enough voting. And that’s the point where you can help me.

Voting is daily, from now on until July, 15th. If I get enough votings to be within the best 3 projects, I can advance my project to be ready for the market, that means I will have a construction kit, according to German Building regulations and now can start promoting on communities to erect them in small quarters and lighten their own load of social payments in a most acceptable way.

All you have to do ist to click on the following link and then do an other click to the “Vote” button. This done daily, or almost daily will guarantee a little peace of a better world for all of us.

Click here daily to vote!

If the link does nor work, copy the following line into your browsers address bar:

For further information on the project just answer to this email, or,

if you understand German just follow the link below.

Thank you for your collaboration in making the world a better place.

Das 10000 € Haus

Hope you make it!

Great to see that you  are on to good things, Michael. I edited your post to make the link live – now it does work.

That said, let me suggest that you take the time to explain what you are doing in a little more detail (your link leads to an explanation in German); I voted for your project out of personal trust, but in general people don’t like to feel treated like a clicks factory. Even better would have been for you to have engaged on Edgeryders in the early stages of the project. There are some smart people around here, and you could have found some valuable input.

The more clearly and engagingly you explain what you are doing, the more we can help you (for example we could move your post to the home page and push it out through the Edgeryders Twitter and Facebook accounts).