Waiting for the unPilgrimage: the deep magic of Matera

If you are still unsure whether to join our unPilgrimage for Living On The Edge, this video might help you make a decision. Such a simple idea: just switch off all public and home lighting in the Sassi, and ask people to turn on candles and lanterns instead. The result is Matera Cielo Stellato (Matera Starry Sky), where the stars are down below rather than above women and men.

The idea was launched and gathered steam in the Matera 2019 online community. If you liked it, go say “Bravo” to Francesco and the Matera 2019 Web team here. Join us if you want the chance to make a unHalloween party in this magical place!

very nice invitation

This is a very nice invitation to Matera :slight_smile:

also a great potential for a wonderful unParty :-)

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