Want to help with building #lote 2 but don't know how?

Dear friend old or new, Your help in making this event a meaningful and fun experience for everyone involved is needed and much appreciated. There are three main areas in which we need help in the run up to the event, listed in order of urgency:

1. Take leadership of one of the themes/ goals and facilitating that track of the #lote2 event:

This includes driving engagement around the dicsussion in preparing the session, reaching out to people to get them involved in those conversations, designing the session itself (including documentation and synthesis) and driving action around the outcomes of the session. Think of each area as a kind of community driven startup that one or more people take leadership of  and drive. The Edgeryders team will support you in any way we can including helping you put together visual material.

How to get started?

  1. Register now if you haven't already done it. Or we cannot get the security guards to let  you in. Please fill in this form before November 28!
  2. Pick your team http://edgeryders.ppa.coe.int/page/choose-your-team & leave a comment with your thoughts about the track, what you would like to see come out of it.
  3. Help spread the word!  If you only have a minute please pick a tweet, any tweet :) Even Better, tweet your MEP and invite them to join us for the Policy Hero Challenge at the European Parliament in Brussels on Friday December 7, in room AG13. If you know more people you would like to reach about the event but need material or have any questions: edgeryders@mail.com.

Thank you again and welcome to the Edgeryders family :slight_smile:

Message from Ms. Gilda Farrell: As you know, this meeting is an event organized by members of the Edgeryders community, old and new, and as such is the sole responsibility of the organisers and participants. That said, the Council of Europe is pleased that the discussion will continue, and that the project has been generative for you as well as for us. We are supporting your initiative and will participate in it. Looking forward to a fruitful event with you all. Kind regards, Gilda Farrell, Head of Division, Social Cohesion Research and Early Warning at the Council of Europe.